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guitar ace's Karma

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10/7/2021Strongman shelford green karma earth truth alliance
9/22/2021Strongman Shelford Green Karma Alliance
9/19/2021Hey guitar ace. Sorry it's been a long time, I was off GLP all summer. Hope you are well ~Wharf Rat
8/29/2021Strongman Shelford Green Karma Alliance
8/17/2021Uncle Gintel
8/5/2021Charlie Watts post
6/14/2021Serial greener strikes again.
6/9/2021The power of thinking wins again....Great Post!
5/28/2021We must protect our children... <3 LittleMe <3
4/27/2021We need Harrison Hanks! Yo Adrian
4/23/2021Sorry I haven't gotten back to you-- it's always good to read your words! ~Wharf Rat
4/5/2021Thanks for your words. Deep1111
3/20/2021A true fan of the Biden virtual reality show!
2/28/2021Thanks for your comments in my thread xo sseess
2/24/2021Reported Abusive Post
2/17/2021Good Handle) ... beenthruthat ...
2/17/2021You're right
2/1/2021Thank you from roadkill bill
1/25/2021Keep on Truckin' - CK
1/25/2021Hope you are doing well, and surviving and thriving this non-nuclear winter. I always enjoy reading your posts. You're a really nice person. ~Wharf Rat
1/18/2021Follow the white rabbit. President-Elect Yo Adrian
1/18/2021Guitar Ace .... sweet
1/1/2021Happy new Year! Hope all is well with you, and that you're still pickin' and grinnin'. Keep on rockin in the free world ~Wharf Rat
11/26/2020Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you :) ~Wharf Rat
11/19/2020Thank you for the green, have a great week G.A.! from plato
11/19/2020For the bard & the fat man
11/16/2020Keep on rockin in the (free) world ;) ~ Wharf Rat
10/24/2020Strongman shelford christiantard songs
10/24/2020Only 1 in 10,000 come for the show.
10/16/2020Always good to see you around, buddy! ~Wharf Rat
10/15/2020You are wrong
10/15/2020For the courage to say something negative about Trump here!
9/15/2020Reported Abusive Post
9/5/2020Nice advice and an amazing experience you shared with your birdy!!
8/16/2020Indeed. Yo Adrian
6/22/2020For your thread contribution. Nine's
6/17/2020Totally agree with the post and poster. Glossing over the surface of truth yet again.
5/20/2020Adytum -- cheers to you!
5/20/2020Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
5/13/2020Green for you! ~A Oakley
4/28/2020Shady as fuck democrats with the video editing! 1-2-Follow
4/13/2020Yes, for vitamin D3!— Light Bulb
4/1/2020Green -grove street
3/18/2020My last green goes to u - goodluck in Eureka!!!!
3/17/2020For yer good info, thx! 5lats
3/16/2020Jerry Garcia told me to share some green with you... LOL ~Wharf Rat
3/15/2020Happy Sunday! Stay safe out there my friend. Mezzo : )
3/15/2020Reported Abusive Post
3/14/2020Mesmerizing. pool
3/10/2020Green for some good info, Thanks so much! 5lats
2/29/2020Played Pink Floyd green :) Sloane
2/22/2020Music.. sunrise.. mouse..
2/18/2020Green for dealing with Illinoid
1/31/2020Nope, they're not.
12/12/2019Thankyou for your support in my new thread... KAN DAEK....
11/23/2019From Love Goddess
11/15/2019The fly wears tights and calls it fashion. LOL
10/30/2019Internet TV link :)
10/27/2019Riders On The Storm ~hillbilly
9/26/2019Thanks for posting thread about Ginger Baker! Gyro Geargoose
8/14/2019You're welcome. Ferly
8/5/2019Thank you Guitar ace. Diabolical
5/11/2019Cheers from CK
1/21/2019Bob Weird
1/17/2019Nice reply ðŸ‘
1/1/2019Dumber than a bag of dicks
12/21/2018If I throw a stick, will you leave?
12/18/2018Grateful Dead!!!
12/13/2018Port-O-San! Far-OUT, man! Rayelle
12/10/2018Defending child killers? You have lost your mind. Pooka
11/25/2018Love Peter Tosh. Quite the coincidence; this song been playing in my head for a coupla hours just now.
11/7/2018Thank you ace. :) Diabolical
10/5/2018New York echo
10/3/2018Crowder a douche? NOT!!
8/20/2018Kid eating clown commercial thread - Your Crazy Mom
8/20/2018Great find!
8/19/2018Green from marooned
8/19/2018Kid eating clown commercial, ~ Too old to car but WTF?
8/19/2018Good post about some creepy ad with clown with hidden message "i eat kids" on his van....
8/19/2018Posted a thread that was pinned

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