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5/18/2020Take care
5/18/2020Quick stuff. pool
5/17/2020Thanks! from Michibama
5/17/2020Sunday geen xoxo sseess
5/16/2020Thanks for feedback
5/16/2020Hello :-). Thank You! Hope you have a great weekend too. Stay Safe and Take Care xo ~Blue Spirit~
5/15/2020Back at you from Irish
5/15/2020Thank you for some common sense re: vaccines - Blue State Rebel
5/14/2020<3 Reanne - Thanks!
5/13/2020Beautiful May day green! ~Scorpionica
5/11/2020XeroGravity was here
5/4/2020One main goal. love Miss Cleo
5/2/2020Hi Away! ~Scorpionica
5/2/2020<3 Reanne
4/24/2020Helllloooo there Far Away ;) ~Scorpionica
4/15/2020Green-graffiti! ~XeroGravity
4/15/2020For you Far Away! ~Scorpionica
4/12/2020Happy Easter xoxo sseess
4/11/2020"Kindness is like snow – It beautifies everything it covers." Kahlil Gibran (Happy in Nature)
4/7/2020XeroGravity zoomin by
4/4/2020Green from Paranoiaaaaa
4/4/2020Sending Love and Hugs to you my dear. Stay safe out there. Mezzo : )
4/2/2020Down with Amazon, lol
3/26/2020Hi Far Away! ~Scorpionica
3/21/2020Reported Abusive Post
3/21/2020Reported Abusive Post
3/21/2020Reported Abusive Post
3/21/2020Reported Abusive Post
3/21/2020Reported Abusive Post
3/19/2020The zebra! :) Take care green, Sloane
3/16/2020Stay safe FA, pete
3/15/2020Sending Love and Hugs across the ocean. Stay safe out there my friend. Mezzo : )
3/12/2020We are supposed to be the conspiracy folks, NOT facebook! Haha 1-2-follow
3/10/2020Thank you for the well wishes. {{hugs}} NOLAangel
3/8/2020Green hugs and love, always love ~ monkeyflower ~
3/7/2020Starbird green for Robert Redford.
3/6/2020XeroGravitt was here
3/5/2020Bluebonnets, Lance from BC
3/4/2020For sharing your great grandmother. 8) Nine's
3/4/2020Wash your hands. lol. love Miss Cleo
3/4/2020Thanks! - TeChNoXiC
2/22/2020Laugh a wee bit today friend. pool
2/20/2020Sending Green love and big hugs across the ocean. Hope things are good on your end. Mezzo : )
2/20/2020Back atcha- sum ting wong
2/18/2020XeroGravity strikes again
2/14/2020Starbird green for your rational thoughs!!
2/13/2020Not my nation. just where i am at the moment. cheers, jj johns
2/8/2020Psalm 136:1 O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. TheLordsServant
2/7/2020Braindead zombie
2/6/2020Thank you! - larphillips
2/5/2020Green from ~Fire Watch
2/4/2020Tag! You're it! ~XeroGravity
2/3/2020Monday Green love and Hugs across the ocean! Stay safe out there my friend. Mezzo : )
1/26/2020Hello! ~Scorpionica
1/15/2020I'll keep you & your little one in my prayers *hugs* ~XeroGravity
1/15/2020Brave woman! ~Scorpionica
1/15/2020Wobbling Wednesday Green across the ocean. Much love and big hugs, Mezzo : )
1/7/2020Happy NewYear! ~XeroGravity
1/4/2020"sorry-un-pc term" Quit apologizing.
12/24/2019Merry Christmas! ~XeroGravity
12/19/2019From Michibama
12/13/2019Cheers~ Sync
12/12/2019Thread participation- coastie
11/11/2019XeroGravity was here
11/8/2019Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
11/7/2019Contributing to thread- coastie
11/5/2019Of course they are - Z
10/24/2019Thundering Thursday Green. Thank you for your post in the I just don't get it.. thread. Stay safe my friend! Mezzo : )
10/16/2019Hey Texan! Newton.
9/30/2019Justice to someone who used to be president>>>MarPep
9/14/2019For being kind
9/12/2019As soon as you said you dont want to have children i quit caring about anything you might ever have to say thanks for abandoning your race
8/26/2019Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Really nice of you! Mezzo : )
8/9/2019Reciprocating your good karma. WhyKnot
7/29/2019Koala love .. rewind
6/20/2019Haha actually this is true, doctors are just guessing anyways & don't know much. I would rather eat clean, avoid chemicals & enjoy a bit of grass and never touch the pills they shill
6/14/2019Kiss_Your_Illusions_G​oodbye was here!
6/3/2019Brief :)
6/2/2019Something! love Miss Clo
6/2/2019Our thoughts are much alike on ebola and immigration. Pooka
5/26/2019Good posts on MLK thread! Kiss_Your_Illusions_G​oodbye
5/23/2019Green (at least I think this is green) - Louis in Richmond :-)
5/20/2019Cheers, jj johns
4/30/2019Thanks Much for the Green!!! George B
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