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Justice4all's Karma

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9/21/2021Great idea
9/6/2021Goliath Pfizer &a count is telling lies while this man stares the truth
8/25/2021Damn skippy. Clarence.
8/9/2021The Men Who Killed Kennedy-skinnybob
7/29/2021No, he was one of the arrogant fucks, that said the unvaxxed are stupid, etc. Learning the hard way isn't fun, is it.
7/21/2021Strongman Shelford
7/20/2021I feel you - be careful out there - so many maniacs on the roads now
7/20/2021Sadly you're right
7/5/2021Thank you for commenting on my thread. Greenest forest blessings from Happy in Nature
6/18/2021Amen, Adytum.
6/18/2021Squirrels demand green for helping someone that asked about school. You gave good sold guidance! -supporter
6/18/2021Thanks for posting in the Lawn Thread..JF Priest
5/17/2021Bullshit - Sage said 60-70% of hospitalizations in third wave will be vaxxed - not that 60-70% of vaxxed would be hospitalized
5/17/2021Thank you - HairyB <3
2/19/2021Thanks for the info about SC!
2/13/2021Amen brother, good day.. Dargth
1/16/2021LOL post..dog years..
1/16/2021Being on glp is like living in dog years. oldcar.
1/2/2021For your WONDERFUL explanation about what will be happening on the 6th. ("Dozen Senators Join Hawley" thread) from Eggcellently Deplorable
1/1/2021Tv update. maga 2021
12/31/2020A great post among mediocrity!
12/10/2020Thank you! La Sirena
12/10/2020Very good post - TY
12/10/2020Great reply, thanks for that. I hope people actually read it! - Trio
12/10/2020Thanks for your inside knowledge of the supreme court! and how it works!
12/10/2020Good reply on SCOTUS -Cebeij
12/7/2020Thank you! real insight
12/5/2020GLP has needed REAL attorneys and REAL legal insights for many years. Glad you’re here! ~ Zovalex
12/3/2020Top post
11/22/2020Clarification of the constitution (12th amendment)
11/8/2020Thank you for bringing an actual legal education to the armchair attorneys of GLP. ~ Zovalex
11/8/2020Your amazing
8/21/2020Here that
5/9/2020Thanks for contributing to my thread,. Lazlo
4/11/2020Good questions on Covid AMA thread...pilgrim

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