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Iemming's Karma

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12/13/2020You got some proof, lemming ?
12/5/2020You are too stupid to live long...we will be looking just for you
12/4/2020Lots of people from Bundy ranch are still in prison right now and will be for decades
11/13/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/10/2020What a fitting handle, Lemming.
11/10/2020Wrong !!!!
11/10/2020You misspelled "lemming."
11/8/2020Farmland people feed you
3/11/2020Maybe the dumbest person on GLP? def top 10
3/11/2020HOW is it possible that ANYONE is as ignorant as you? How?
3/11/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/11/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/11/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/11/2020Trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump. And Bernie gargles balls.
3/11/2020Someone is an asshole
3/11/2020Most ignorant and most likely to fail GLP AWARD WINNER! Collect your free membership by clicking on 'Cancel My Account' under your profile
8/5/2019For creating the most interesting and odd post of the day
8/4/2019REALLY??? / He really really likes the racism pushed by trump and rightwingers.
2/7/2019If you're not trolling ill let you in on a secret; they set Trump up. PARALLEL CONSTRUCTION. Have fun staying angry!!
1/16/2019Fuck off
1/7/2019You are wasting air. Stop breathing
1/2/2019Doesn't sucking nog rod ever get tiring?
12/29/2018Eat more shit
12/29/2018Obama doesn't have a real United States Birth Certificate. And you can't even spell argument
12/29/2018Poor little fella
12/28/2018Butt hair off of a chimps ass.
12/28/2018Brainwashed to the point you will fight for your slavery til death yelling equality and entitlements. Hope karma finds you fast
12/28/2018Dumb ass libtard
12/28/2018Poo to you too
12/28/2018Eat poo and expire please
12/28/2018Dopey ass sperm-burping faggot
12/27/2018Fuck you paid liberal cunt
12/27/2018Probability - 0
12/27/2018Fuck black people. they can't do anything right
12/24/2018Go away
12/22/2018Must be a flaming libtard
12/22/2018Reported to fbi for posting toddler porn. a special place in hell awaits you
12/21/2018Go suck Hildabeast’s hemorrojds
12/21/2018A hole
12/21/2018You are mean
12/15/2018It's always coming, isn't it? For 2+ years now, this is the big one....this time he's going down, Mueller Christ is going to save us!, LOL, you would be funny if you weren't so pa
12/13/2018Brainwashed to the point you will fight for your slavery til death yelling equality and entitlements. Hope karma finds you fast
12/13/2018A little Christmas green, (from garden)
12/9/2018Anybody not endorsed by Barry must be a patriot.
12/4/2018Your lack of faith is your downfall
11/29/2018Bend up and smell my anal vapor. YOUR FACE IS MY TOILET PAPER.
11/21/2018Down the mighty maga swamp drain you go, tydbowl man.
11/15/2018Ban This Commie Peice of Shit Asap!
11/15/2018You'll get old too you little turd unless you piss off the wrong person and by your personality that's going to happen
11/15/2018EXCELLENT comments about the Civil War and the Monuments - uphill battle on this board though - just like when I actually lived in the South
11/14/2018It is a 2nd Rights issue to have guns not 'yeah lets let this guy have guns'...piss off, Lance from BC
11/14/2018Ive taken shits with higher IQ than you. Come to think of it, so has my dog. And my goldfish...
11/13/2018Leftist, globalist shill. I hope you get your wish and live in the evil, leftist, communist world that you think is so wonderful - maybe get a 1 way ticket to Venezuela or North Korea.
11/10/2018Eric Holder? Get a job!
11/10/2018Have some more red
11/9/2018Stupid comment
11/8/2018Delusional or $3.50. Probably both.
11/6/2018Liberal trash
11/1/2018Shitty human
10/29/2018You NPCs need to quit following the same, tired script. Try to troll with an original idea for once.
9/16/2018Antagonizing child that dreams of being a keyboard warrior basement dweller
9/16/2018My god you are a POS
9/16/2018Too stupid for GLP. Go back to you tube comments.
9/16/2018Need to invent a new word for how dumb you are. Amoeboid will suffice for now
9/16/2018Haha nice full mental breakdown because your starting to realize the entire DNC is about to go down. By Mueller's hand!
9/9/2018Yep that's some butthurt I can see there ! You're retarded
9/8/2018Fuck off cunt
9/8/2018Just what GLP needs...another braindead kneegrow
8/31/2018You should post at democratic underground
8/28/2018Fuck Off Liberal Shill
8/23/2018Go back to bed
8/23/2018Because you're looking forward to it.
8/23/2018Don't take this lightly, You are a complete idiot...IYN
8/23/2018Your racist accusations are no match for intelligent conversation.
8/16/2018And hollywood didnt take him seriously and his wife was tired of him so he killed his wife and child and tried to blame it on muslims
8/15/2018Thanks for your advise :) ~~sseess
8/12/2018This will be weekly
8/12/2018Trump bump
8/12/2018Your pizza rolls are ready, right next to your mom's purse and dignity
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