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New Atlantis's Karma

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8/11/2022"an FBI stooge posing as an angry Trump supporter"
7/31/2022Green with warmest of wishes from Russia. ~Snuffie
7/28/2022For flat Earth.
7/23/2022For your contribution to the past was erased thread -griever
7/22/2022Cheerio! ST tidbits
7/14/2022For standing up for the truth of flat Earth.
7/7/2022For the Trump accomplishments thread. Stellar. Keep on keepin' on, and Godspeed. (ShiningLightIntoDark​Places)
6/28/2022Putin puffer
6/21/2022Yeah man Crafty
6/20/2022Stolen Elections Have Consequences... JF Priest
6/16/2022For your flat Earth thread!
6/16/2022Your mom is a flat-backer
6/9/2022Some green from -Crafty
6/9/2022Brother - Empath4U
6/6/2022FE -Cebeij
6/4/2022You have been exposed as the purple banana guy. Keep playing.
6/3/2022Keep up the good work
5/31/2022So incredibly profound, I had to reread it several times!
5/31/2022Green - shopsby
5/30/2022For you post today on world on fire. Mother Maggie
5/27/2022Almost summer green - zzcat
5/25/2022Telling it how it is!
5/24/2022Dumbass flattard troll
5/23/20221 Haters gonna hate
5/20/2022Green - shopsby
5/15/2022Informative and encouraging
5/12/2022Should I bring up Flat Earth or the fact that the ISS is fake? No you just proved yourself dumb enough
5/8/2022Your 2000 Mules endorsement - BrainGuy
5/2/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/29/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/28/2022"The Earth is flat, stationary and enclosed. That's proven, established, settled law for a lot of us." What an utter fool.
4/22/2022World on fire
4/20/2022Saying hi - zzcat
4/16/2022Just dropped by to give this one star.
4/10/2022Starving the beast
4/9/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/7/2022'and since Q was some sort of CIA/MI6 psyop, I'm inclined not to.' it created a SOC, which should have disbanded..IMO st tidbits
4/7/2022You might want to understand history before you spout shit and think you're smart. You're not, you're another of the fucking Putin idiots.
4/5/2022Honk for Freedom. Des
4/2/2022Thanks for posting in my free movie thread, from savcash, best of the week to ya!
4/2/2022Flat earth tard
4/2/2022Have some Pepperroni green.
3/28/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/26/2022So many brainwashed/3.50 shills. Here's a green to counter them.
3/26/2022Hopeful post
3/26/2022From Coupes
3/26/2022Saying hi - zzcat
3/23/2022Freedom Green Des
3/21/2022Uh muckuh! nice post on big pinned ww3 thread! u kno your shit. capman.uh.
3/18/2022Flat earth looney.
3/17/2022Dumbass doesn't know the "lunar waves" are faked.
3/16/2022WI Fraud. Nice
3/3/2022Just because :)
2/26/2022Praying and sending love. Carol B
2/23/2022FREEDOM green Des
2/23/2022Yo Adrian
2/23/2022Dumbass flattard
2/21/2022Atlantis - Chameleonn
2/19/2022Back at ya retarded shill
2/16/2022Freedom Convoy Green Des
2/9/2022Freedom Convoy Green Des
2/5/2022I'm a trucker and you could ride in my big rig anytime. I would let you give me road head from coast to coast.
2/5/2022Fuck off flatard
2/2/2022Trucker green
2/1/2022Dumbass flattard
1/30/2022Freedom Convoy Green Des
1/29/2022Agree. Not sure why people get so upset over a MAGA rally.
1/18/2022Informative and encouraging
1/9/2022Jesus is Lord. -REaliZe
1/7/2022You're not smarter than everyone else. You're dumber than everyone else.
1/3/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/1/2022Dumbass flattard troll
12/29/2021Mula bandha
12/28/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/26/2021Flat Earth Tard
12/26/2021You are a retard
12/9/2021Purple banana club member
12/6/2021Dumb as a brick
12/6/2021Your beliefs are wonderful. Peace.
12/4/2021China bot.
12/4/2021Faux news fan.
11/30/2021Lance/Tidbits cheerio!
11/23/2021For flat Earth. -Firinn
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