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10/8/2020I agree. InTheGLPHood
10/7/2020Great comment about BHO and his husband. LOL. ~Maiya
10/6/2020Miller Agrees!
8/16/2019Peppermint schnapps. yum. love Miss Cleo
6/24/2019Wood chipper feeder *%
5/28/2019Good post ( re: that ocasio cotex thingy )
5/21/2019I shit diamonds out of my golden asshole. Make what you will of that.
5/20/2019Obamaggot.... lol ....nutmeg....
4/28/2019Terrible person
3/15/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/17/2019Green for the "I LOVE Clint Eastwood" thread from WGON
2/5/2019Correct facts thanks.
1/30/2019Go with Christ
1/30/2019Eat shit, you whiny bitch
1/30/2019Go project your shit life elsewhere prick
12/31/2018Scotland knows (some)
12/30/2018Tell us how you REALLY feel about Rob Reiner!
12/18/2018Green for the Chicken Noodle Soup thread. NolaAngel
12/13/201812/13/18 10:10 - she doesn’t care and neither should you. <3 Some Body Who does care. Sorry about the red.
12/7/2018Grow up and stop posting vapid media shit on this forum.
12/7/2018For the Trek thread - The Borg King
11/29/2018Obamasshole - yup
11/17/2018Great take on berry
11/9/2018Don't cross the line with executing children, ass!
11/3/2018Thanks for the But Head Beto pic! Light Bulb
10/29/2018Bloody moslum hating bloody yank!
10/23/2018Right on - Blessed Jael
10/23/2018Right on about hippies
10/22/2018You know your shit! McCrotch
10/18/2018Seriously? A baby was TORTURED and you make jokes???
10/17/2018Evil speak
10/17/2018Sick in the head...IYN
10/17/2018Sickening comment
10/8/2018Finally someone for logic and Flu vaccine!!
9/27/2018UGGGGH pudding pops LOL - TDP2
9/26/2018For redding me
9/24/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
9/10/2018William shatner would laugh..
9/9/2018Very true, said what I was going to say.
9/2/2018Your attitude sucks.
9/2/2018Good fight in with you.. The ®

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