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Still's Karma

Total: 17 (17  User Votes) and 1

1/21/2020True hero in life. Hugs and happies. pool
12/21/2019May bells of gold sprinkle tunes of wealth around your walks. pool
12/11/2019Ain't that the truth
12/9/2019Hiya. pool
11/30/2019Llort elohssa na llits er'ouY
10/31/2019The hills are alive, take me for a drive. pool
10/11/2019Here's some red... LOL ~Boaty
8/22/2019Nice to see you Still! Have a great day, Sloane
6/15/2019Haha love that smiley! Sloane
3/11/2019HI there. pool
1/12/2019Thanks for your reply to my post - BirdMom
12/12/2018Christmas spirit Green :) Sloane
12/8/2018You are the eagle. pool
11/9/2018Tampa also... Cubans rule! -Salty
10/21/2018Thank you for your patriotism - Louis in Richmond
10/13/2018AGREED! A return to mean would be a "free" market - Rebel4liberty76
10/4/2018Yes! Now that was a reasonable/civil - able to talk about it - post. Sloane

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