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Fraust66's Karma

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10/10/2023God bless you Fraust. hope all is well in your world <3 Jaysee
10/10/2023Thanks, from beeches
10/9/2023Cheers, Frausty, here's to you m8 --nimmer
10/9/2023Hope your mum likes it! Love from the farm :) soe
10/9/2023Back atcha bro
10/9/2023That new Avatar is awesome_Led
10/9/2023Rock On, Brother! ~ ML
10/9/2023Fly Boy stopped by
10/9/2023Halloween Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
10/8/2023Happy Green stuff for you ! SS
10/8/2023Blessings from Base12!
10/8/2023To the spectactular and most excellent Fraust66! Best wishes to you my friend! MAGA Dan.
10/8/2023It's called "Almond Milk" because no one can say "Nut Milk" with a straight face. ~ 5lats
10/7/2023Happy Weekend Green across the North Sea my friend. Warm regards, Mezzo : )
10/6/2023Sending a big hug to you from Oregon! xoxo Rollo
10/5/2023Yellow Alert! trouble in the Gulf of Mexico! pls report to BEZERK thread, on the double. this is no drill!! LLAP! Digital mix guy Spock
10/5/2023Hello Fraust66 :)... Thank You!.. Sending Much Love, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way xo Loving Your New Avi Also! xo ~Blue Spirit~
10/5/2023I almost didn't recognize you! Happy October kindest twin xoxo
10/4/2023May your week be blessed!
10/4/2023Nice avatar boss (: <3Shaw
10/4/2023Happy Hump day, master Frausty!! News_hungry
10/4/202310-4 Karma Good Buddy! Hawk-03
10/3/2023Nice avatar!!!! pool
10/3/2023Thank you!! wish you the best hope you have a great day in store! JaySeelOw
10/3/2023For your nugs lol
10/3/2023Pooch love
10/2/2023Love and best of wishes always <3bfree
10/1/2023Happy October Greenage ! SS
10/1/2023Green from WGON... :-)
10/1/2023Fly Boy stopped by
10/1/2023To the great & powerful Fraust66! Follow that green thumb brick road to the Emerald Jukebox my friend! MAGA Dan.
9/30/2023Blessings from Base12!
9/30/2023Wishing you a wonderful weekend! ~ ML
9/29/2023The longer I stay at home, the more homeless I look. ~ 5lats
9/29/2023Happy Friday Vibes! :) T-Man
9/29/2023Friday morning well wishes heading from here & hope all is going well for you. Hope that you have a great weekend ahead of you too ~Sloane~ <3. Fraust66 xoxo
9/29/202366 to the power of X = 30K frostys :) [H41F-b-R33D]
9/29/2023Back at you! The weekend will be huge!_Led
9/28/2023Well wishes to you, have a stellar evening! LTHN.
9/28/2023Sending Oregon hugs to you in Ulster! xoxo Rollo
9/28/2023Hello Fraust66 :)... Thank You!.. Sending Much Love, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way xo Hope You Have A Lovely and Safe Weekend Ahead Also, Dear Friend xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/28/2023Some greenage and many blessings to my Fraustmon 66...CUB
9/28/2023Happy Day After Hump Day and 30K Jukebox Day my friend. Warm regards across the North Sea, Mezzo : )
9/28/2023Cheers for bd message! A Deplorable Neanderthal was here
9/27/2023Sending greenest forest vibes, big hugs and lots of love from Happy in Nature
9/27/2023Le Perché
9/27/2023Like a Boss! Love Ellusion :)
9/26/2023Tuesday green. pool
9/26/2023Good To see you Green! HAwk-03
9/25/2023Grimdark green salutations from North America for my good buddy Fraust --nimmer
9/25/2023Gw was here :D
9/25/2023Hope you are well from JaySeeLow! <3
9/24/2023Green for you! digital mix guy spock
9/24/2023To the gentle & kind Fraust66! You're a mentor and a role model to us all my friend! MAGA Dan.
9/24/2023Always the best of fun for you. SS
9/24/2023Green from Paranoiaaaaaa!
9/23/2023Hello Mon Amie! (see how cultural I am??) Hope you are well - happy Fall! Thanks for keeping the internet super cool as always :) soe
9/23/2023Base12 Was Here!
9/23/2023Cheers. Have a very fine AUntumn. Piece of Gossip ex...so many names...lol...
9/23/2023Hey I missed ya . Made a music thread but felt bad :) Always will post on the Jukebox too! Love Musicmuse
9/22/2023Fist bump
9/22/2023You don't have to attend every argument you're invited to. ~ 5lats
9/21/2023Sending good vibes your way, dear Frausty! xoxo Rollo
9/21/2023The weekend is coming closer and closer :) T-Man <3
9/21/2023Hello Fraust66 :)... Thank You!.. Sending Much Love, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way xo Hope You Have A Lovely and Safe Weekend Also, Dear Friend xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/21/2023Sending groovy good vibes your way! ~ ML
9/20/2023Kindest, best twin. <3 xoxo your evil twin
9/20/2023Happy Hump Day Green and warm regards across the North Sea my friend. Hope all is well over there! Cheers, Mezzo : )
9/18/2023Have an enjoyable week Frausty 66 and Cheers...CUB :)
9/17/2023Sunday night green boost. Have a wonderful week ahead. News_hungry
9/17/2023Havea Great Funday! Hawk-03
9/16/2023Green from WGON... :-)
9/16/2023Blessings from Base12!
9/16/2023All rise for the honorable Fraust66! Keep working your magic my friend! MAGA Dan.
9/16/2023Butters wishes you a Happy Caturday! Paranoiaaaaa
9/15/2023These weekends seem to be repetative, yet fun. LOL. SS
9/15/2023Much love! fractal greeeen!
9/14/2023Sending love to you in Ulster from Oregon! Hope all is well with you! xoxo Rollo
9/13/2023Fraust! What the heck I've missed so much. Trying to work my way back. Love, Sloane
9/13/2023Hi mate...hope you're well...SB :-)
9/13/2023Hello Fraust66 :)... Thank You!.. Sending Much Love, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way xo Hope You Have A Lovely and Safe Week Ahead Also, Dear Friend xo ~Blue Spirit~
9/13/2023Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week! ~ ML
9/13/2023I forgot what I was going to say, but it was something really good. ~ 5lats
9/12/2023Save your light. pool
9/12/2023Hi Fraust, hope you have a great week, ty for your kindness - always! Midnight Moksha
9/12/2023Lots of love and appriciation! <3 <3
9/11/2023So much green for the best mod and even better twin xoxo the evil twin
9/11/2023Super Dovahkiin love for my friend Frausty. <3<3 Fossy
9/10/2023Cheers, friend <3bfree
9/10/2023For my friend Fraust, sorry been gone now I'm back --nimmer
9/10/2023Fly Boy stopped by
9/9/2023Happy saturday buddy. News_hyngry
9/9/2023Thank you for the good wishes. A busy weekend with work. no complaints. _Led
9/9/2023To the grand and wise Fraust66! Best wishes and keep on rocking my friend! MAGA Dan.
9/9/2023Awesome! Base12
9/8/2023Green witch xox
9/8/2023Green from WGON.
9/8/2023The weekend is green ! SS
9/7/2023Sending good vibes to you in Ulster, Frausty! xoxo Rollo
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