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Batman#1's Karma

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1/28/2019Keep telling the truth!
1/28/2019Some green, for being awake.
1/26/2019You're right about Qtards.
1/26/2019You're the inbred
1/26/2019For speaking the truth about potus. childoffather
1/26/2019You have lots of red. that means u speak truth and it upsets the cult of trump.
1/26/2019Brainwashed to the point you will fight for your slavery til death yelling equality and entitlements. Hope karma finds you fast. Your masters thank you
1/26/2019Thank you for using your brain - Fuckn Played thread - Janedoenut
1/22/2019Another Christmas Present.
1/18/2019HI Batfaggot. Thanx for attempting to derail yet another another thread that had nothing to do with Trump with your TDS. I hope when you get to Hell you have to look at his picture for eternity, ass!
1/18/2019Go away
1/18/2019Make your own anti-trump thread, dipshit, and get off this topic you've added NOTHING to.
1/18/2019You could be right. I hope not though, although I do question.
1/18/2019True, they worship trump. politics is bs
1/16/2019I feel sorry for your mother. Unless she is back in prison. In that case, I feel sorry for you both.
1/15/20191 Bullshit
1/4/2019Liberal Faggot Posting as a Conservative Dont Trust This One
12/29/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/29/2018Obviously a Gary Johnson supporter...idiots following idiots
12/28/2018Not quite sure why you are on glp? You seem unhappy, lance from BC
12/28/2018Sure your name isn't "Buttman"? Ya' lefty faggot.
12/27/2018Lol "Batman"--probably on government assistance /WBW
12/27/2018One of GLP's biggest douche bags
12/26/2018You talk like you know what's going on but you don't
12/26/2018I don't know, but I don't like you. That I'm sure of.
12/26/2018Poster sucks
12/26/20183.50 ~ WyatteSmith
12/26/2018Youre a fag....TRUMP 2020
12/26/2018The Trumpett cult is aboard a sinking ship. They are desperate. Kiss_Your_Illusions_G​oodbye
12/26/2018Here's a fact for you - President Trump is your President too. Enjoy your immense butthurt for the next 6 years - I know I will.
12/26/2018Dickhead liberal
12/21/2018Dishonest felcher.
12/21/2018I'm Batman.
12/21/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/21/2018Idiot lol
12/21/2018Your Mothers Breath Smells Like Free Government Cheese
12/20/2018You need this green.
12/12/2018Oh look, we have another financial genius that has an account on GLP...He must be very generous to share his valuable time and knowledge with us peons
12/12/2018Good posts! Keep up the good work! Kiss_Your_Illusions_G​oodbye
12/10/2018You have zero clue what feminism is and only toss the word around because no woman truly loves you.
11/30/2018Rush Limbaugh Said to Sukkk His Asshole Shit Stains u Commmie Faggot Llol
11/29/2018Here's an anomymous red you're whining about. (I was going to give you red anyway for being an asshole)
11/29/2018Green for the Limbaugh thread comments! Kiss_Your_Illusions_G​oodbye
11/29/2018You are indeed a “useful idiotâ€. Look it up.
11/29/2018You proved your a shill by mocking Limbaugh as someone to not listen to, then you assert Trump is going down like Limbaugh. Idiot.
11/20/2018Sucking nog cock makes you incredibly stupid - you should try licking their balls next time
11/15/2018Yes, you are brainwashed. How did that happen??? Serious question, or are you just low IQ ?
11/13/2018Green for encouragement. Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye
11/7/2018You think it's ok to hit women? You're an asshole. You deserve red.
11/6/2018You must think your shit don't stink
11/6/2018Alot of your views are correct, but you should work on your approach - more people might listen.
11/6/2018Orange Man Bad, Dirty Soiled Cock Good
11/6/2018You lose today! laughing at you!
11/5/2018Well said! Never stop speaking the truth.
11/1/2018TRUMP is YOUR President for 8 years. You will obey his dictates.
10/31/2018U cant have enough red. what a douche nozzle.
10/29/2018Why are you Jew haters always the most NPC leftist commies?
10/25/2018GREAT Work! Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye
10/23/2018American hating soy boy npc sjw
10/23/2018Garbage human
10/23/2018Fuck ouy Globalist fuck
10/23/2018Because you deserve it.
10/23/2018I like what you're doing, ;)
10/23/2018Thank You! You have now entered, TrumplikeProductions.​ Unfortunately we are past the sheep stage and on to a new generation of creature.
10/23/2018Change your name! Batman would be for Trump.
10/23/2018For karma bitching
10/23/2018You really seem to think you have the world by the ass and have ALL the answers. How about can it, and go work your problem, freak. Your not wanted....even here.
10/23/2018Don't know much about you, but logic>>emotions. Agreed.
10/23/2018Totally random. maybe.
10/23/2018Heres your red that you kept begging for - McCrotch
10/22/2018Green for standing up to bullies & daring to ask some tough questions that others don't want to hear.
10/22/2018IQ of Moochelle's penis wart
10/22/2018Childs Mind
10/22/2018Share Blue Troll.
10/22/2018Cultural Marxist and doesnt know it
9/1/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/1/2018For being politically correct and totally left of Maxine Waters.
8/31/2018Loser, stupid threads
8/31/2018Don't be a lawyer - couldn't argue your way out of a spider web. Fret
8/31/2018Fuck off....
8/31/2018Just because
8/31/2018Machiavelli knew and So Do You - YTT
8/31/2018ShareBlue troll
8/31/2018Shut up faggot
8/14/2018You gave red and ran!!
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