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10/8/2018"Literally nobody feels that way" as you were commenting on a thread all about someone who very publicly feels way. Not smart. -Astro
10/8/2018Duh, I'b is so smaat I just can't contain my liberul bwains in my hed while I spew my most clever dooky on da inter web thingy. I'm a foolen dem all wif my edumumacasion. Yes I am!
10/8/2018Red for Commie Fag
10/8/2018Red for a Commie Red
10/8/2018Evil incarnate
10/8/2018Damned bitchfuck of a broken soul.
10/8/2018Because you like it
10/8/2018Gotta love moron asshats like you that believe in the "big switch" horse shit!!! Hilariously stupid! https://youtu.be/XHgO​LKrscCM
10/8/2018Democratic moron
10/8/2018Fucking moron
10/8/2018You are fucking retarded. Please crawl back to reality and use common sense...
10/8/2018Brainwashed idiot
10/8/2018The parties have swapped, bwahahahaha ok you nutcase. You spout some insane garbage, it’s pretty entertaining
10/8/2018Paid ShareBlue Shill
10/8/2018LOL, sure.... the parties have swapped. LOLOLOLOLOLO
10/8/2018Fuck off communist liberal radically inept pussy
10/8/2018Lampshades made of human skin. Pantsuits with cashmere socks. Banana Pudding.
10/4/2018Red because you're one of those leftist, violent, commie, marxist degenerates
10/3/2018Eh, your ok in my book-mkjeep
10/1/2018I do enjoy the red though. The more I'm disliked by the nuts on this site, the better! I love you... Pandora
9/28/2018RED FRED cos your good at it
9/28/2018You got mental issues. Seek help and GTFO.
9/28/2018Left wing nut
9/27/2018Fuck you.
9/25/2018I haven't given you enough red, oh ignorant one.
9/25/2018The only liar here, is YOU!
9/22/2018Uneducated faggot
9/21/2018I love the Ignore List
9/21/2018What a dipshit. thats like saying cause and effect are BS. lol
9/19/2018"You people"....you mean you are trash.
9/17/2018Butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt butthurt
9/17/2018Butthurt liberal
9/16/2018Clinton lover
9/14/2018Neg for being a brainwashed derptard.
9/13/2018I have a bandwidth limit due to MRSAT but I'd gladly go over to give Your pedophile ass some red.
9/13/2018You're just here to troll this site.
9/13/2018Stupid troll is stupid
9/13/2018Likes michael obama deformed penis so -1
9/13/2018Nasty fuck
9/13/2018I heard you like the red
9/11/2018You really need Jesus
9/11/2018Low IQ leg-humper
9/11/2018Low energy
9/11/2018Bless your heart! There are people who care about you and are praying for you. No faith needed on your part. Gods existence isn’t based on your belief (fortunately).
9/11/2018Uneducated douche bag ~ ANP
9/11/2018Green because God loves you no matter what. God bless you
9/11/2018Dry alcoholic much?
9/11/2018Go fuck yourself
9/11/2018Fuckng moron
9/11/2018You walk and think stupid....grumpier
9/11/2018Uneducated shill
9/11/2018Piss off to snopes
9/10/2018MO is noy classy, she a racist anti american.
9/10/2018Eye for an eye
9/10/2018Based on Brain capacity, you'd still not fill a shot glass
9/10/2018Apparently pissing off all the right people
9/10/2018BS, and more like educated idiot. Enjoy the red.
9/9/2018Willing to have a discussion.
9/9/2018Doesn’t debate, just calls names ie justice jennine is “rabid hyena†and “alcoholoicâ€
9/9/2018You like it red.
9/9/2018Jeanine comment...you are a “useful idiotâ€. Look it up.
9/9/2018Can't stand your avatar, and can't stand you
9/9/2018For being a whiny bitch and a major nobody.
9/9/2018Using the word chemtard when it is an admitted program by our govt. and others.
9/9/2018Here you go, as requested
9/9/2018Finger paints with his own poo
9/9/2018Reported Abusive Post
9/8/2018There is no such thing as hate speech in the United States dip shit
9/8/2018Leftist piece of shit. Actually, that's demeaning to shit. You're worse than shit.
9/8/2018You're obviously a shill. No one here is this fucking stupid other than maybe Elise. Good company to be in, eh?
9/8/2018Dumb fascist marxist - Hate speech is not illegal in the United States. Supreme court even ruled that "hate speech" is not illegal. Read the 1st Amendment, educate yourself.
9/8/2018I guess I am a cunt calling you a shill. Fuck off shill!
9/8/2018Notorius shill defender of pedophilia and left wing agenda,should be banned from GP
9/6/2018You're a whiner
9/5/2018Educated! At George Soros University?
9/5/2018Youre a fucking loser
9/5/2018I honestly hate this guy
9/5/2018Nike lost 4 billion
9/3/2018Likes Trannies, admittd as much in the Michael Obama thread.
9/1/2018MSM sucking fucktard
9/1/2018Your Avatar sux balls
9/1/2018Call me "shill", I call you cunt.
8/23/2018This World Has no Place For Your Evil. Per Ardua ad Astra
8/21/2018This is not a red chemtrail. this is just a regular contrail, just a normal condensation trail at the right temp and humidity. honest.
8/20/2018Back at you, illiterate idiot
8/19/2018Coz I said I would for his dilligence....Missgui​ded , but hey. None as blind as those who will not see.
8/19/2018Anyone with half a brain knows the official story is bullshit
8/19/2018Actaully, he is not. 9/11 was an inside. If you actaully looked into it, you would see. I like how you can call someone a liar when you haven't done the research yourself... Wtf dude.
8/18/2018You fuck'n cockwad masturbatory sheep-molesting black hole of AIDS! Fist thyself with a barbed wired bat set aflame =)
8/18/2018Here's some more red for your shill ass.
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