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Question, Mark's Karma

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1/22/2019Re: ANTIFA goons plan protest at Covington, ....agree fully, regards ~ clock ~
1/13/2019Pedo like bot
1/13/2019Bot shart
12/30/2018You cannot stop it, Sharia Law will be the law of the land, the only global solutio
12/30/2018With one statement you became ...lost forever
12/27/2018Why are you friends with that loser asshat "uncucked"??
12/25/2018To have a child that is expressing themselves
12/16/2018Some very nice humor. I love cynacism.
12/16/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/15/2018Green for you, Jake
12/15/2018Nice find on the health freedom story, OP C-T
12/15/2018Math is fundamental
11/29/2018Thx for coming on immigration thread....ChivalryKni​ght
11/21/2018Excellent post Butte Co Fires. Bodiless
11/18/2018Lying thread titles
11/15/2018Great job on the "collateral deaths" thread! Pooka
10/11/2018For your Shouldice recommondation. KAN DAEK
10/11/2018Thanks for the info re: shouldice
10/4/2018You belong in the dog house
8/12/2018Agree with statement
8/1/2018Looks like ya need some...from cleveland

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