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Trumpinstein's Karma

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3/26/2020Come on my property, bitch, you wont be found
2/3/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/3/2020Wheres the NEVER button
11/12/2019I will smash you right into the barrier if you try.
11/12/2019Loud pipes save lives moran
11/12/2019Don’t let those trolls get to you brother, ride on and be safe my friend. -Rorschach
11/12/2019Fuck off Zonitard
11/11/2019I'm from cali too! - 1guynAz
11/11/201980 in a 65 zone
11/11/2019Be careful out there. Sloane
11/11/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
8/28/2019A true patriot. Great comments! ....nutmeg...
8/10/2019Disfigured \m/
7/27/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
7/23/2019BBQ Boy was here with some Patriot Green for you
1/24/2019Shut the fook up, tats are dirty looking and for UNintelligent scumbags. Leave natural girl alone.
1/4/2019To hell with the liberal douchebags! - NXavier
12/7/2018Horsepower from BigBlock
11/29/2018Thank God we have another intelligent member here. - Louis in Richmond
11/21/2018Counter to red from beetches.
11/21/2018Like the avatar - too bad Di'nero is a liberal cuck in reallife.
11/7/2018How do they always just “find†this crap?
11/6/2018Long live the Republic !~ Flashbuzzkill
11/5/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/3/2018You need red to counteract the Flat Earther Tards Red.
11/2/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/26/2018Accept yourself then they will in turn accept you~adamsilver
10/23/2018Compensating the trolls - Hydra
10/23/2018Flat mind ;)
10/17/2018The Scottish lad has burned you so many times.It's a Joy too watch. wQw
10/10/2018Weak to block people
10/10/2018How are you enjoying your demon possession fag-got?
9/27/2018Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/27/2018Name calling in a debate shows a lack of knowledge and intelligence. You are employing the same tactics as Democrats and snowflakes.
9/27/2018Healing green, you got the FE's riled;) ~hillbilly
9/26/2018Shut your cakehole you inbred
9/21/2018REBEL FLAG [:X:] GREEEN from DeploraVision [**]D CHEERS
9/21/2018Dude! Type slower, proofread. :)
9/20/2018It is hard to take your arguments for a round earth seriously when having to decipher your numerous typos.
9/20/2018Compensate the red from the flattards - hydra
9/20/2018From Ralph--a house dog
9/14/2018Horse back - Tl
9/13/2018You're are a douche bag, you need to be banned from here
9/12/2018Dear god please don't write anymore, you are making the world dumber.
9/10/2018Understand from a fellow biker- mkjeep
9/5/2018Beautifully written. Couldn't have said it better :)
9/4/2018You're no patriot. You make me puke.
9/4/2018For comments on upside down flags
9/4/2018What a DICK!
9/4/2018You're a fuckup.
8/30/2018Back atcha! -Festus
8/29/2018We will be waiting a long time brother
8/29/2018Red for being a whiney bitch from-Smith357
8/28/2018Remote viewed this guy he texts an drives a true heritic
8/28/2018I'd say your a filthy pig also! If I were you, I'd get over this "got it all figured out" krap, PDQ...dumbshit.
8/28/2018I support our President too
8/28/2018To make up for the red :)- White Wolf
8/27/2018Lol'ing at flat earth tards
8/27/2018And green back at you: Daggo
8/27/2018Fucking IDIOT
8/22/2018Back at you
8/18/2018No real arguments just responds with insults and name calling
8/17/2018For making me laugh-sonicknight
8/17/2018For calling out flat tards
8/17/2018Smug, arrogant and dumb
8/16/2018Uses excessive argumentation attacking individuals, provides no evidence though he claims there is evidence, insults and uses logical fallacies as a rule.
8/16/2018To settle the flattard red - Hydra
8/10/2018Babbling fuckwit moron.
8/9/2018Thanks for liking my comment in the "Trump Supporters Will Provoke Violence" thread. from Eggcellently Deplorable
8/9/2018You have issues. Maybe this isn't the right place for you
8/9/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/9/2018Good post
8/7/2018Great insights into the human condition(especially with regard to the pickup scene)
8/7/2018Good writer!
8/7/2018The extreme polarization, the bullshit people believe is worrying, so its great that you're shining a spotlight on it. When you get called a pedo for highlighting british law it just shows how mu
8/6/2018Skinhead disneyland User
8/6/2018More like "DickSuckin". Stupid Q-Tard
8/6/2018Denholm - wait for it
8/6/2018Informative post on Anonymous vs Q thread - BirdMom
8/2/2018Spot on
8/2/2018I Hope You Are Right Dude
7/31/2018Nice Teusday AM laugh, thanks : ) -Shiva
7/31/2018For believing in Q retard
7/27/2018Truly hoping your civil war prediction comes true!
7/27/2018Good analyis on national situation
7/25/2018Great post ~choosen
7/24/2018He's right you know
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