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The Ghost of Comedian's Karma

Total: 82 (82  User Votes) and 55

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8/5/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/4/2020You demon cunt
7/28/2020Biden/Harris 2020 "You ain't black, and neither is she." (Happy in Nature)
7/9/2020Thank you for your translation on froglegs. Green for you!
7/2/2020Always good to see the Ghost! - Blue State Rebel
6/30/2020Dumb fucker
6/29/2020I don't like HO LEE (a.k.a. Sum Dum Guy) either.
6/25/2020Glad You Came to Your Senses Sir, g. Guy
6/22/2020Comedian!! Tamara
6/20/2020A half million people dead of covid say FUCK YOU
6/20/2020Cocksucker boy!
6/20/2020China Flu pandemic is fake ~~sseess
6/17/2020Reach out and touch someone from foolio
6/17/2020For the GOOD GUYS....I'm a Biblical Creationist.
6/11/2020Liked your comments in the Holy Man thread. beeches
6/9/2020You dick!
6/6/2020The ghost of comedian gets Green! He was my favorite poster on GLP..saved
5/14/2020Bro, if it's you...time to come back in full glory. -Lumberghini
4/30/2020Hey Commedian2 ? - I missed you - Half Past Midnight
4/29/2020Thanks for posting in my exposing fraud thread, from savcash, have great week :)
4/26/2020Lol!! I've thought of doing that - good onya!
4/25/2020Good response
4/16/2020Thx for posting. - 1guynAz
4/13/2020Posts garbage
4/12/2020Interesting analysis about the level of debt - bootobin
4/7/2020Truth to power.
3/24/2020Hey Is that you comedian? zzcat
3/24/2020Well anyway {{ 4th it
3/23/2020Glorified medical predation figure head i say!
3/23/2020Give 'em hell, Chuckles!
3/21/2020Fuck off
3/7/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/29/2020Good points about reported vs unreported
2/28/2020Could be-sum ting wong
2/24/2020You are a flappy mouthed pussy fartin' son of a used wet dildo owned by the old mummified wife of Bernie "The Fuckface" Sanders. And Coronavirus is real.
2/24/2020For agreement - NeD
2/18/2020Why are you on a conspircay site?
1/20/2020Dress yourself up like a goat....awesome. Billy Ringo
1/11/2020Green for Cuck Fil A - Comedian worthy! - Blue State Rebel
1/6/2020Green for calling out the butt-hurt leftist shill. Make them prove their lies!!
1/5/2020You're very misguided and ignorant. Sorry.
1/4/2020Bringer of Butthurt! ~Armchair General~
1/2/2020Thank you. (For your reply). Comedian was a friend.
1/1/2020Happy New Year, Ghost! - Blue State Rebel
12/8/2019Pig latin to fool the algorithms-Penny Peppers
12/8/2019Some green from oniongrass
9/25/2019'In some jurisdictions it would be legal for me to have sex with her. She's not a "little girl,"'
9/9/2019Sack of shite with the brass to infer Comedian has something in common with this piss pustule
9/7/2019Child toucher
8/28/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/28/2019What you think about anything is quite low on my list of priorities.
8/28/2019Well I guess I'm a pussy!!!
8/28/2019You piece of human excrement
8/28/2019Totally not left by DIsfigured Stick Figure \m/
8/26/2019Comedian sucked ass and so do you.
8/18/2019SundayGreen! - musashi777
8/7/2019The ghost with the most. Welcome back, if you. katballoo
8/4/2019Why is it "legit?" good question ~~sseess
7/4/2019Rrrrrrrrreally miss the days of THE Comedian neutering trolls and slaying the douche bags. Wish it could be like that again..
6/18/2019For shits and giggles and Commander Koenig.
5/27/2019Welcome back to the fight, Adytum
5/21/2019Green for Green Grass and High Tides ~ Meridian Leeward
5/15/2019Hey Ghost hope all is well! - musashi777
5/7/2019Where u at
4/25/2019Nothing like some good comedy! - musashi777
4/1/2019SO WHAT...lol...Lance from BC
2/17/2019Hullo ghost - musashi777
2/3/2019Roll Out !!! - musashi777
1/26/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/25/2019Just try to impeach him...we will riot.
1/25/2019Right, you are!
1/2/2019Whats up buddy? - musashi777
12/2/2018Comedian is your name
11/22/201811/21/2018 10:15 PM from 03
11/22/2018Rude little shit
11/14/2018Thanks for the backing and understanding GoC!
11/11/2018Right on
11/10/2018Get some compassion!
11/10/2018I second the red comment below...IYN
11/10/2018Rude, arrogant and abusive
11/9/2018Chicken neck demon with a black robe..
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