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Sum Ting Wong's Karma

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3/27/2019Thanks for the bump ~~sseess
3/26/2019Raise your kids with morals, open a bible and educate them. Os76.
3/19/2019White privilege— polkahonkus
3/18/2019Well put.
3/18/2019From Michibama
3/17/2019Whoppin dat ASS Yo Adrian
3/17/2019I completely agree
3/17/2019Not enough people getting their ass beat these days. Greenade incoming...lol,,,save​d
2/14/2019What the hell is your problem?
2/8/2019Hope you have a good weekend! Paranoiaaaaa
2/7/2019Youre a dick
2/3/2019Yo Adrian
1/26/2019Ye that "alpha" is clearly a "special" person with special medical needs.
1/23/2019Yes sir
1/1/2019Phobia says you are a good dude. Or at least deserve green...
1/1/2019Thanks for contributing to my thread, happy new year. Snowie/icey
12/18/2018Brought a smile to my face. ~clock~
11/15/2018From reepster
11/12/2018Green for your post on crow and kitten thread - BirdMom
11/12/2018Cute white bear trumps little brown person
11/9/2018Thanks for the green buttercup
11/2/2018Abusive for posting Morgan Freeman?! Get a grip!
11/2/2018The courage to be disliked
11/1/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/25/2018God would not tell you to kill your child....beautifully said
9/25/2018Your god is evil. Nobody should learn your "gospel" it is lies and you fell for it.
9/13/2018Yu Tu Hai
9/11/2018Donkey Lips Was Here
8/18/2018Yeeeeaaah Boy!
7/25/2018Yeeeeaahhhh Boooy!!!
7/24/2018Knock Knock, Karma Police! ~Stray Cat
7/24/2018Member call-out...stop it

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