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Starburne's Karma

Total: 18 (18  User Votes) and 2

8/1/2020Thanks, friend. We’ll do our best. -Revbo
7/9/2020With you in spirit, stay strong Sir...
5/14/2020"The present is a gift" True That.... Reebl
3/1/2020You're definitely going to die too. We all are ffs
2/28/2020Happy PPT day!....Don D.
2/25/2020Find somewhere else jerkoff
12/13/2019Karma point - lavenderblue2u
12/4/2019Green for you to last in this market ~mypillow
8/6/2019Greentard was here ---- WyatteSmith
5/29/2019For your country
5/28/2019SA input...lance
4/25/2019Love your avatar-Penny Peppers
1/23/2019From reepster
9/4/2018You meant Rhodesia...lol...Lanc​e from BC 'zimbabwe' me arse.
8/24/2018Prays for all of you
8/6/2018Insanity prevails because the lunatics are running the asylum.
8/3/2018Karma roLL .C.C
8/3/2018On earth as it is in heaven

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