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Menrfa's Karma

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2/6/2019I fear you may be correct. akaSuzanne
2/2/2019Invaders are not victims, invaders are invaders.
1/14/2019Just because
1/9/2019Retarded Leftist
12/26/2018Please learn to read
12/25/2018You should be ashamed of giving your own children pot.
12/22/2018Merry Christmas
12/21/2018Just a punk bitch. GFY.
12/19/2018Great observation. pool
12/18/2018Good post
12/18/2018Very Interesting Insights. Thanks for sharing.
12/18/2018God Bless
12/18/2018Real christian advice
12/10/2018Prayers and blessings
12/1/2018I agree .need to recognize evil!!
12/1/2018Fist bump -- NutShell
11/30/2018Lighten up Francis....InYerNeck
11/30/2018Red for using GOD's name in vain.
11/14/2018Dace wuzz heere =-)
11/5/2018Thanks for bumping my thread on GOG Asteroid impact date. RHCP.
11/2/2018Nice !!
10/28/2018Green Love sent GFG
10/28/2018For the beautiful Democrat/Republican analogy. -Riff
10/24/2018Fuck off!
10/24/2018CBD does not work without THC...Lance from BC
10/23/2018Illegal alien lover
10/22/2018Fucktard, you should be ashamed of your IQ
10/22/2018Nonsense soyboy
10/22/2018STFU, leftist dolt.
10/22/2018STFU dumbass
10/22/2018Welcome ~hillbilly
10/19/2018Brief :)
10/19/2018U speak with wisdom. write me more strongman.shelford at gmail please
10/10/2018Thank you
10/8/2018For bringing up Costas Gavras and the CIA sponsored military coup of Chile
10/7/2018Thou shalt not judge!!
10/4/2018This comment shows real wisdom and faith. I was so happy to see it today, here is some green for you.
10/4/2018For feeding the children on your street. akasuzanne
10/4/2018You sound crazy
9/30/2018Water baptism, furry pete
9/30/2018You deserve red
9/13/2018Fighting spirit /surfer7
9/11/2018IS an idiot on GLP!
9/10/2018Not a chance
9/8/2018Hillary supporter
9/2/2018Great post, DMT thread----Terrebonne
9/2/2018Maybe thats why they inverted/perverted the 9/11 date with the twin towers event.. ~cw
8/31/2018I liked what you said on Ayn Rand .... :)
8/28/2018Very true about the Vatican
8/13/2018For the blueberry pie - surfer7
8/1/2018Remember the two sinners that went to pray for forgiveness. One was justified, the other was'nt.
8/1/2018First of all, Trump bump :)
7/27/2018Jesus bless you!

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