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12/23/2021Love ur handle! Wingnut1234
12/4/2021HAHAHA! Perfect analogy of Biden administration
12/2/2021Nancy Pelosi was babbling and wants to give you green @swingline
11/27/2021Greenies for your CAPTION WIN! Congrats! The Oracle's Cookie
11/26/2021Green for you! ~Greyberry
11/12/2021For beating me with a Dr. Doom reference
10/18/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/16/2021Good karma for the username
8/29/2021Chatter. love 99
8/21/2021Nice call
4/23/2021Very useful grid connected solar info
4/9/2021Dmx was king philip
4/7/2021I would love to have Samuel Jackson Beer, yells at you all night, you won't pass out.
4/7/2021Samuel jackson beer
4/1/2021Good research on this woman's background. Don't get vaxxed!!
4/1/2021SHH NOT LOUD! hahah 1-2-Follow
4/1/2021Green for you.... god bless :) scottfree
3/28/2021Truth - Off Switch
3/27/2021Green for real money....Don D.
3/14/2021Funny! love 99
11/16/2020True statement
5/15/2019Incoming 'Green Karma' Strike from Armchair General!
5/15/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/11/2019FF Yup...Lance from BC
5/10/2019"Cultural Marxism" you called it.... Seekinginformation
5/8/2019A toast to Texas and the lone star collections of boom. - clevercreator
5/3/2019Some green from garden
5/3/2019Lol leek in the boat! chasity
4/24/2019Have some green)))
4/23/2019For He's a Rebel, knowing The Crystals and for a great Caddyshack name. Billy Ringo
4/22/2019Plus one for exposing them
4/22/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/21/2019Don't follow your moms recipes for stuffing...lance
4/18/2019LOL! Bart Starr, jt210
4/2/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/29/2019Have always enjoyed your caddyshack handle! Fret
3/27/2019Chick-fil-A response. LTHN.
3/21/2019Thank you for posting on my thread. Good comment! ...nutmeg...
3/12/2019Nice one ...beenthruthat...
3/7/2019Good point - Northwind36
2/23/2019Amen...American does not equal brainless support...InYerNeck
2/14/2019Amazing post
2/7/2019Dis bitch be racis as fuck its like she dint get da memo
1/31/2019Stfu and gtfo punk ass pussyboy...go stick your dick in your own ass
1/29/2019Greenade incoming! For your discernment...saved
1/28/2019Excellent post.
1/21/2019Yo Adrian
1/19/2019Luthier thread samus79
1/1/2019You’re very sweet, thank you... wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year full of love, blessings, and health! <3 ~*14*~
12/13/2018The Kalergi Plan TRue MySoul
12/13/2018What a marvelous thing it must be to be you!
11/17/2018"Church of the Golden Rod" lol dan 12:1
11/17/2018Made me laugh - concentrace
11/14/2018If YOU actually KNEW what you were talking about, you might be dangerous, and would consider hiring you. SO keep your "stupid" whether REAL or an act, AND it just might get you somewhere.
11/13/2018Caddyshack reference. Billy Ringo
11/3/2018Well said, nationalists thread----Terrebonne
10/26/2018Good people
10/14/2018Eat shit you israel anal fisting whore bottom bitch - fuck you and your sock accounts cunt boy
10/12/2018Soon as they start typing, they carsh and burn.
9/27/2018You so sweet thank you :)
9/26/2018Cajun Karma for Lacey Underall !!! Southern Soldier...
9/9/2018Good point about diversity & multiculturalism
9/7/2018Winner - Sol
8/31/2018The edge
8/18/2018FREE ALEX JONES (with every order) Lol wooz
8/7/2018Balanced and informed response was helpful.
8/4/2018Go green
7/30/2018Break them off a piece of that kit kat bar!

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