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Magna Cacca's Karma

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1/14/2019You clearly don't get Trump or what this fight is all about.
1/14/2019Slurps black nut from a Mexican straw until his molatto jizz fills up his tranny dad's dildo
1/14/2019Caca brains...
1/13/2019Some red team green, Adytum
1/11/2019Trump Derangement Syndrome
1/11/2019President Donald Trump
1/11/2019Here survive
1/11/2019Dopey Bollocks.
1/11/2019Red sails in the sunset
1/10/2019I don't usually give red, but when I do, it's to satanic pedophiles like you. (PS- Next time grow a pair and leave your signature you little demon fuck)-Bill Lumbergh
1/10/2019Globalist tard point
1/10/2019Looks like no
1/9/2019Stfu or gtfo
1/9/2019Scum bag loser
1/9/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/9/2019Confuses feces with peanut butter
1/9/2019Globalist Shill
1/8/2019Lib idiot
1/8/2019Some red for the latest paid commie poster
1/8/2019I can see you are weak and insecure
1/8/2019Kys you worthless fuck
1/7/2019AWESOME CORTEZ THREAD- mkjeep!
1/7/2019Get thrown in GITMO pedo-fag neo-bolshevik scum
1/7/2019Resist this red you feckless commie!
1/7/2019Liberal douchebag
1/7/2019You are a bigger tard than Ocasio Cortez. How is that even possible?
1/7/2019Credit where it's due, today, you have been correct. twice. 1-2-Follow
1/7/2019You win dumbest thread of the day.
1/7/2019Fagna TARTARD
1/7/2019Trumpers do the same thing everyday.
1/7/2019Fuck off shill
1/7/2019I dont know who is more brain dead U or Justice Ginsberg! 15666.44
1/7/2019Lost, lonely, suffering.
1/7/2019Trump 2020!!!!
1/7/2019Have some more red, commie cunt bag.
1/7/2019Magnum cuck
1/7/2019Say hi to Ruth
1/7/2019Troll of the most irritating sort.
1/4/2019Brainwashed to the point you will fight for your slavery til death yelling equality and entitlements. Hope karma finds you fast. Your masters thank you.
1/4/2019Stop being a fag. I know it's hard since you're so faggy, but really, don't be a fag.
1/4/2019One person, one vote ? Demonrats vote numerous times. Another lying hypocrite.
1/4/2019For Palestine!
1/4/2019You are weak minded and probably just weak in general. Hence why you do the job you do. All sorts of levels of pathetic. Luckily you are the type we all tell our kids not to be when they grow up. A s
1/4/2019Pussy liberal. Europe countries are not civilized now that they are filled with muzz.
1/4/2019Nice post-Jet Mac
1/4/2019Dumbass. Here is some "civilized" red karma for you.
1/4/2019Red from USA.
1/4/2019For your response to the Electoral College
1/4/2019From a brownstain for being great at paid opposition. you deserve a raise
1/4/2019Ignorance and stupidity
1/4/2019Exceptionally gay
1/4/2019Good poster. dps
1/4/2019I am from india and u r right about cops.
1/4/2019Do Everyone a Favor Get the Hell off this site YOU sick fuck
1/3/2019It's coming...
1/2/2019"If the service is free, you are the product." true! -- oniongrass
12/31/2018How’s it feel? When that liberal infested dick is shoved down your throat. Faggot.
12/31/2018Trump Says Sukk His Mushroom Head Dikkk While u Fondle Illegals Fag Troll....
12/31/2018Trump bump :)
12/28/2018MoHAMmed ,you are a inbread loser incapable of anything worthy.
12/27/2018You are the densest golden shower loving Democrat on the whole site. I mean, is there just a dry turd rolling around that skull of yours bouncing from one side to the other behind your eyes as you aff
12/27/2018Obama is shadow president? lol, stfu
12/27/2018Godless Heathen...Get Thee Behind Me...Jesus Christ For The Win!!!
12/27/2018She is not a babe.
12/25/2018It's pinned because SHUT THE FUCK UP!
12/25/2018It's pinned because your big pussy smells.like dog vomit, shit and peanut butter. You dumb bitch.
12/18/2018You must like her soy boyish charm, is it the svelte appearance of her hips or aggressive bone structure?
12/18/2018Closely watching the Xmas period for anything to happen. There are too many Xmas references in films and songs eg Weird Al's Xmas song.
12/18/2018Os76. was here.
12/18/2018Total fkhed really
12/17/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/17/2018LMAO! "Golden Showers"! Thats funny, and has been disproven long ago. Wedge5th
12/17/2018Thanks for pointing out that it's not a gender issue
12/17/2018I bet your boyfriend hurt your feelings when he mistook you giving him a blowjob for anal sex. It's hard to tell the difference you're so ugly.
12/17/2018Shitheadus maximus
12/16/2018Pathetic excuse for a human.
12/15/2018Your tranny boyfriend has tube sock titties hanging down to his hairy pot belly.
12/14/2018Red in before you're banned. Have a nice day.
12/14/2018Likes to eat shit....gross and sick!
12/14/2018Bang The Blue! <3 - Cheshire
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