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Creme de la Crap's Karma

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1/4/2019Exceptionally gay
1/4/2019Good poster. dps
1/4/2019I am from india and u r right about cops.
1/4/2019Do Everyone a Favor Get the Hell off this site YOU sick fuck
1/3/2019It's coming...
1/2/2019"If the service is free, you are the product." true! -- oniongrass
12/31/2018How’s it feel? When that liberal infested dick is shoved down your throat. Faggot.
12/31/2018Trump Says Sukk His Mushroom Head Dikkk While u Fondle Illegals Fag Troll....
12/31/2018Trump bump :)
12/28/2018MoHAMmed ,you are a inbread loser incapable of anything worthy.
12/27/2018You are the densest golden shower loving Democrat on the whole site. I mean, is there just a dry turd rolling around that skull of yours bouncing from one side to the other behind your eyes as you aff
12/27/2018Obama is shadow president? lol, stfu
12/27/2018Godless Heathen...Get Thee Behind Me...Jesus Christ For The Win!!!
12/27/2018She is not a babe.
12/25/2018It's pinned because SHUT THE FUCK UP!
12/25/2018It's pinned because your big pussy smells.like dog vomit, shit and peanut butter. You dumb bitch.
12/18/2018You must like her soy boyish charm, is it the svelte appearance of her hips or aggressive bone structure?
12/18/2018Closely watching the Xmas period for anything to happen. There are too many Xmas references in films and songs eg Weird Al's Xmas song.
12/18/2018Os76. was here.
12/18/2018Total fkhed really
12/17/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/17/2018LMAO! "Golden Showers"! Thats funny, and has been disproven long ago. Wedge5th
12/17/2018Thanks for pointing out that it's not a gender issue
12/17/2018I bet your boyfriend hurt your feelings when he mistook you giving him a blowjob for anal sex. It's hard to tell the difference you're so ugly.
12/17/2018Shitheadus maximus
12/16/2018Pathetic excuse for a human.
12/15/2018Your tranny boyfriend has tube sock titties hanging down to his hairy pot belly.
12/14/2018Red in before you're banned. Have a nice day.
12/14/2018Likes to eat shit....gross and sick!
12/14/2018Bang The Blue! <3 - Cheshire
12/14/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/14/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/14/2018Soros shill
12/14/2018Die pedo
12/14/2018Proof or you're a sorass troll.
12/13/2018You are nothing
12/13/2018You are human scum. die soon and violently
12/13/2018Ull be one of the first to go.
12/12/2018Butt boy!
12/10/2018America hating asshole
12/10/2018No, you're drunk
12/9/2018Fuck off
12/7/2018Right back at ya fuck face
12/5/2018The planet is fucked ... So why do not you go to hell soon.
12/5/2018The moors enslaved millions of Eastern European Mamalukes. They castrated every one of them. You are a Satanic ass who would like whites to die off. And Leviathon is a piece of shit, you ass.
12/5/2018Modern. pool
11/30/2018For favoring religious discrimination against Christians
11/27/2018Liberal shill, pretending to be an apathetic contrarian.
11/27/2018You're too stupid for words.
11/27/2018Look its fucktard
11/27/2018There should be an IQ requirement to post here. If your IQ test comes back negetive (like yours), go post your global warming shit somewhere else.
11/27/2018Cacca brain
11/27/2018Of course you don't get it. You're a fukkin idiot.
11/26/2018Fuck you
11/26/2018Good thread, human brain----Terrebonne
11/26/2018Google fractal antenna retard
11/26/2018D10’s half brother, classic almsthvnwv
11/26/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/26/2018Sarcastic and rude
11/25/2018You guys are so obvious 77
11/25/2018Ukraine will fail as will your lover michael obama
11/25/2018Why are you such a shithead? Is is the micropenis? Fags like them, you should go back to that. The only thing you were ever good at was sucking cock and taking them up your gaping asshole. Faggot
11/25/2018FU on your anti-Trump posting
11/23/2018For telling the truth about the fake two-party system. Two sides of the same coin.
11/21/2018An NPC of the highest order. Absolute reprobate filth.
11/21/2018Lib scum
11/21/2018Share blue shill
11/21/2018You're an idiot.
11/21/2018For having a tiny tinpot brain
11/21/2018Begging for red? Let me help you out! Communist jackass! ~ DeplorableOldMan
11/21/2018Throw another neg on the fire. Cook me up some bacon and some beans.
11/21/2018I see more red for you. Believe that.
11/17/2018Bad orange man scene was excellent!
11/16/2018Cruise___TRUMP EFFECT...IRQ_1
11/16/2018Drunk driving comment
11/16/2018Owi damn straight! Esoterica
11/16/2018Not being afraid of saying what you really think.
11/15/2018The lightest hour is when the black penis slides in and out of Your ass...
11/15/2018Trump bump :)
11/12/2018Ultra Dumbass <- A name that fits you well.
11/12/2018For continuing to suck
11/12/2018You should find help for your metal disorder (liberalism). A donation at aTrump rally might cure it.
11/10/2018Need some green!!
11/8/2018For being honest ~krixbuggy
11/8/2018You are correct. ( Pre-trib rapture is not biblical. )
11/8/2018Coming around
11/7/2018Fuck all things islam
11/7/2018Are you stupid or just a shill?
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