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NM 156's Karma

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11/11/2020You get it
1/22/2019Great post about men/women 1-2-Follow
1/11/2019Legal cannabis, bad for 2nd Amendment. - NXavier
1/11/2019Thats the fact jack!
12/20/2018Best dating advice EVER.
12/20/2018Half dudes on glp dont get any, and the other half are married and uesd to get it. LOL. :-D
10/23/2018I like your nickname - Avalanche19
10/22/2018"Machines have no conscience", cool nickname bro, jt210
10/11/2018Like your name.
10/3/2018Thank you for respectable disagreement. so very rare here. -urtard dume
9/18/2018Nice moniker lol
8/30/2018Pregnant women who died in Germany and Japan during WWII at the hands of the allies- that was murder too, living breathing men women and children also.
8/28/2018Pin this
8/10/2018Kind of an idiot, aren't you?
8/9/2018Good post on trump/media 1-2-Follow
8/7/2018Thanks ` BBQ Boy

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