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Desert Storm Paratrooper 71L's Karma

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1/4/2020Go fuck yourself cunt
12/21/2019I did serve. Adytum
12/21/2019Did your typewriter save democracy tard
12/21/2019Reported for stolen valor
8/26/2019You need to go to prison for stolen valor!
8/5/2019Your propaganda isn't working.
8/5/2019The shootings were created to undermine our freedom.
8/5/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
8/5/2019What a tard over fun control
8/5/2019Will get you all loser freak
8/4/2019Agreed with me. Might be mental
8/4/2019Wrong term for a battle rifle
8/4/2019Fug off poser stolen valor typest lmao
8/4/2019Amazingly Stupid please move to Mexico
8/4/2019Army Secretary??? LoL HAHAHAHAHa That's hillarious!!!
8/4/2019Stolen valor drama queen
8/4/2019F off
8/4/2019Brought to you by John Podesta and the Center for American Progress.
8/4/2019Dummy cant see the forest for the trees
8/4/2019We need restrictions to keep cock slurping people like you away from children.
8/4/2019Stolen Valor is a Crime now
8/4/2019Shill who's living a lie.
8/4/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
6/24/2019Green machine coming through .. rewind
6/14/2019Be awesome .. rewind
5/25/2019Did your typewriter give you a boobboo?
5/25/2019Thank you for posting for our vets and ty if you are a vet .. rewind
2/17/2019You need more red
2/14/2019You want the guns? Apparently you like it when your bf pumps his love rifle up your ass though.
2/14/2019No, i'm not sending you dick pics fag. stop asking
2/14/2019LOL! What a fag. You were NEVER in the military...that much is VERY CLEAR.
2/14/2019Responsible gun owners should turn in their guns? How about you grow a pair of balls and say what you think while logged in. -Astro
2/10/2019For trolling as an ac. Or maybe that wasn't you. Doesn't matter, though, since you suck enough for a red anyway.
2/7/2019You can't even pretend you're not a homosexual. You have faggot written all over you!
2/2/2019Stolen valor much?
2/2/2019You meant beta transgender genes, fag
2/2/2019Democraticunderground​ shill
2/1/2019Statist, apologist, fraud. from Michibama
2/1/2019Your an idiot
2/1/2019Arse whole
2/1/2019You are a stolen valor bitch
2/1/2019More red for a fake veteran
2/1/2019Justifing murder
2/1/2019Here, you deserve this!
2/1/2019Why does everything you post suck?
2/1/2019You don't have enough red
2/1/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
2/1/2019Your the only FAIL around here traitor. Just wait and watch. You will have to hide in shame for your foolish nonsensical thoughts
1/31/2019Speaking of abortions, I would support a post-birth abortion in your case.
1/31/2019Idiot lib
1/31/2019Orange Man Bad
1/31/2019Trump doesb't make state laws....retard.
1/31/2019You should have been aborted... You know, it is never too late.. Self abort?
1/31/2019Wow so you're ok with diddling toddlers if they tell you they like it? Get help
1/30/2019Fucked his mother she said i was better than him!
1/30/2019Conflicted much? You admit to watching other women eat your wife’s pussy.
1/30/2019Project much?
1/29/2019MMMMMMM how did muh cum taste in the 3 some??
1/29/201901/29/2019 07:16 pm
1/29/2019Fuck you you're a pice of shit
1/29/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/29/2019Commie say wut?!?
1/29/2019Fuck off with the leftist diarrhea that comes out of your mouth. What a waste of air.
1/29/2019Obvious deep state shill/traitor is obvious.
1/29/2019You should go live in Kuwait. Kuwait is the only country you've ever fought for.
1/29/2019You need to be kicked out
1/29/2019Wow. you are really fucking dumb.
1/29/2019STFU you stolen valor commie faggot.
1/28/2019Stfu phomy
1/24/2019Tanny bot
1/23/2019Stolen valor: You are the worst kind of filth.
1/20/2019Dog fucker
1/20/2019Fake vet! lool!
1/20/2019Pat's greenery !
1/20/2019From Michibama
1/18/2019Its not only dumbfucks that die of overdoses. Daughter lost a dear friend to drugs ysterday. F'off
1/17/2019Mornin' commie scum
1/17/2019Stolen Valor Faggot!
1/16/2019You are still a shit stain
1/16/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/16/2019Cuck piece of shit. Keep it up.
1/15/2019Living a lie.
1/15/2019Red ...hit me on my bike and ill see you in court jerk.
1/15/2019Stlen Valor Is a Crime Fag Boi
1/14/2019You really are an asshole.
1/14/2019Seek help
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