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Modus operandi's Karma

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9/30/2021Sharing love. pool
9/30/2021Keep fighting for Canada - Magnus74
9/12/2021From Iset :)
4/1/2021Shut up cunt
2/28/2021Read up on neanderthals; they were not dumb.
11/12/2020As we learn about each other we learn about ourselves
2/2/2019Smart artist
1/11/2019Nice handle :) Boots
1/7/2019With Love, LilMiss
12/24/2018For having the courage and fortitude to stand up and post the "Pancake Titties" song. I think it sucks, but you did it. :)
12/16/2018A legion of doom player
12/15/2018Don't post that shit in an oldies thread. It's awful.
12/8/2018Great music taste
12/8/2018Womens hips ~~sseess
11/21/2018Spamming BS every direction
11/16/2018For the music vibes-Arabella
11/15/2018Elias is such a wonderful name. From Darr
10/27/2018Morning dew <3 ladedah
10/23/2018Try adding to the conversations instead of loading a thread with vids that NO ONE watches.
10/17/2018The Beaver ~ deserves a thread. Lol xo mona
10/16/2018Beautiful songs...blessings to you my dear! <3 ~*14*~
10/11/2018Thanks!! That is one of the coolest things I have ever heard
9/30/2018Beautiful music
9/9/2018An ~*14*~ was here to say thank you for the music...blessings to you! <3
9/6/2018With love and respect, 141
9/5/2018Yamantaka Eye, FTW! - TDP2
9/4/2018With Love from LilMiss

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