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BouncingBetty's Karma

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1/31/2019Thank you to ,my russian patriot friend! God bless you and yours...saved
1/28/2019Thanks for the explanation about reactive armor - OwlTalking
1/26/2019And we wonder why not one of the Alien races want to land and say hi.
1/22/2019Sad cat video is awesome! Paranoiaaaaa
1/22/2019Lol chasity
1/19/2019Red for such an idiot
1/19/2019Disappointing, isn't it. me too. vs :(
1/19/2019Move to Venezuela, you are a sour twatwaffle.
1/19/2019Just f-ing leave America already considering you hate it so much
1/19/2019Plain old nasty bitch right here.
1/15/2019Shit did just get real! Advil
1/12/2019Nice post. i'm different from the norm as well..
1/12/2019Thank you, God Bless! Nonentity
1/11/2019Great post. :) Sloane
1/10/2019Lol @ right guy snap
1/7/2019Do u even GLP bro?u r asking for it.
1/5/2019I think i rather prefer the apes?
1/4/2019May 2019 bring you Love, good Health, food for the cat, Prosperity, and good bra support! ~ Zovalex
1/4/2019Loved your post on wolves and sheep - BirdMom
1/2/2019Happy New Year — clevercreator
1/2/2019For being pro trump
1/1/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/1/2019Told my wife the same thing and she rolled her eyes at me. Thanks!
1/1/2019Happy new year !thoths thoughtform
12/30/2018Nuke info-The Gent
12/29/2018From reepster
12/27/2018Glad you like the cat video - SoberLife
12/27/2018Pro Trump! Carol B.
12/26/2018Good EYE "experiment in Democracy" Oz
12/25/2018Likes to do drive by's
12/24/2018Drive-By Greening! Wedge5th
12/24/2018That was a great Xmas melody! All the best to you! ~ Zovalex
12/20/2018Self-taxing now? You poor poor soul
11/14/2018Your defeatism mentality isnt beneficial to anyone. Stop proclaiming evil stuff as if you know it. You create reality with thoughts, make yours a good one
11/12/2018Trump bump! MAGA!
11/11/2018Trump bump :)
11/11/2018Realistic comment about woman driving into fire -- Rosenkrantz
11/9/2018Good post, magazines thread----Terrebonne
11/9/2018Thanks BB~kpm~
11/9/2018Purgatory for Christmas cookware! You cruel Dominatrix! LOL! love ya! ~ Zovalex
11/7/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/5/2018Green karma for trump
11/4/2018LOL thank you A1Janitor
10/30/2018Agree. Arcbender
10/29/2018Donkey Lips Was Here
10/24/2018Save the vegetables!!! Eat meat.
10/15/2018As a benevolent slave master, I hereby bestow some green on you. Now just imagine my smoooooth shaven face and my passion for fur! ~ Zovalex
10/15/2018Win win and ball bearings! - Louis in Richmond
10/12/2018Fuck You You Filthy Commie Cunt!
9/30/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/30/2018First rule of karma club is to not talk about karma club. Learn the rules asswipe.
9/29/2018Fuck off
9/16/2018Nice gun room vid - musashi777
9/14/2018Bouncing Betty was one of my old avatar names. Use the name wisely.
8/31/2018You have no right to post is this your first week here
8/31/2018You look like you could use some green - Sodbuster

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