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mrsnacks's Karma

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11/25/2021Red for supporting Lebron
11/25/2021Go suck on a china lebron wang
11/25/2021You forgot to clean the kitty litter in the basement again. Love, Granny
11/14/2021You r 1 annoying pos!
11/8/2021You are in the wrong place telling people to stop conspiracy bs hahahahaha
8/19/2021Evil heathen
7/28/2021A rare honest blue name on these boards, that's why you have so much red lol - bootobin
6/14/2021Guinea pig
6/14/2021Trump is still president vaxtard 😂
6/14/2021Pro vax tard/shill
5/27/2021Not today
5/15/2021Some are study groups that receive the placebo. Can't have people dying enmass too quickly, have to lure people like you in first.
5/6/2021Here's some green to help offset the red friend- pepe
4/3/2021U don’t belong here.
3/28/2021To find a buffet of light would suit you well. pool
2/10/2021Green for your take on the current situation... look into Gnosticism
2/10/2021Just be quiet
2/5/2021Probably right.
2/5/2021Go die
1/31/2021Blind fool thinks he sees. pride goes before destrustion and arrongance b4 falling. you may want to shut up and listen
1/27/2021U need this so everyone knows ur a commie
1/27/2021It prove nothing, except you're a liar.
1/27/2021You do eat turds like a champ! - green
1/27/2021Predictions thread. Hilarious! ~ Zovalex
1/27/2021You all ready know why
1/27/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
1/25/2021Why are you here theb?
1/22/2021Suckada this red.
1/18/2021Once Biden is President, The End of Conspiracy Theories About Trump Please
1/18/2021We've heard it 4 years about hillary....fuck off
7/25/2020Lolyupnoaliensnojesus​ jenny222
6/18/2020Why don't you quit?
6/18/2020Why Won't Trump Just Quit as he Iis Just Hated by The Media And Masses?
6/18/2020Quit when the going gets tough
6/18/2020I agree that the deck is stacked completely against Trump no matter how good his intentions.
6/18/2020What an idiot.
6/18/2020For being Fucking stupid!
6/18/2020Eejit fecking anti-trump thread
6/18/2020Why dont people just stop living if others dont care about them? i guess its called self respect? read about it

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