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2/28/2019Have a great day! =^..^= Girl Genius
1/27/2019BBQ Boy was here
1/25/2019I forgive you your depravity...plz don't do it again :chuckle:
1/24/2019You're now part of GLP legend
1/24/2019I support dick pics!
1/24/2019Penis person
1/24/2019Here you go randy
1/24/2019I forgive you your depravity...plz don't do it again
1/24/2019Penis person
1/24/2019Reported Abusive Post
1/24/2019To help counter reds. Love Goddess
1/23/2019From ralph--a house dog
1/23/2019You took the words out of my mouth -Arkansassy
1/22/2019Jazzy greenings!
1/22/2019Green for Thee Des
1/21/2019Presqu'ile, Its very messed up but its all being exposed
1/18/2019Is that YOU, Comedian?
1/18/2019"Spending 2 years and a fuckton of tax payer money LOOKING for a crime is retarded when the criminal actions of the real criminals are out in the open." Good post! ~WalrusRider
1/18/2019Hahah wakandaland 1-2-Follow
1/18/2019Happy Friday GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!​! ~ WyatteSmith
1/17/2019Only IF youre not the piñata -Vasily
1/17/2019I once had a t-shirt that said Pat McCrotch, it was hilarious people would ask me who PM was! So I would use a irish accent & say it was my irish grandfather. Some one get it and start laughing so
1/16/2019Just what I needed! Backatcha! :) AnonymousGirl
1/16/2019Green for all your great threads! Evangelina
1/16/2019Ya making me blush~kpm~
1/16/2019BBQ Boy was here
1/16/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/14/2019Re: Russian billionaire buys Nobel medal ....speaks volumes regards ~ clock ~
1/11/2019Right On!
1/10/2019Green for the best bod on GLP, *wink*. Happy New Year! Love Goddess
1/8/2019Belated greenage...saved
1/8/2019Good posts
1/6/2019Happy New Year!! :) AnonymousGirl
1/6/2019Likes to abuse women on line
1/4/2019Green for the "What happened to Jim Acosta?" thread from WGON
1/2/2019BBQ Boy was here
12/29/2018I like your style in the 19k texts deleted thread. Sincerely, the darkshadow
12/29/201810 MEGATONS of New Years Green.. THE AMERICAN INQUISIDOR
12/29/2018For using the word fuck toy
12/29/2018Thank you for all the great updates! Freckle face
12/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2018Merry Christmas from LJS
12/26/2018BBQ Boy was here
12/24/2018Merry Christmas!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ WyatteSmith
12/23/2018Merry Christmas, Mr. McCrotch. :) AnonymousGirl
12/22/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/22/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/20/2018Merry Christmas to you and yours! Coolone
12/20/2018You're right you know about parroting fake news 1-2-Follow
12/20/2018If you dont grab em by their pussies they will fall by the way side..saved
12/19/2018Merry Christmas! =^..^= Girl Genius
12/19/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/18/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/18/2018Green for the "Fortunately the fake news cycle is coming to an end and mueller is getting shut down." thread from WGON
12/16/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/16/2018Good thread....full of truth - Callin
12/16/2018Filthy mouth
12/16/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/15/2018Thank you. ;) Hope all is well. :) AnonymousGirl
12/15/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/12/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/6/2018I hope all is well with you, too. :) AnonymousGirl
12/3/2018Great Comment! They are all in it! #BuyBye -CountryWise
12/2/2018Greenade incoming! for "and we're supposed to believe that Hillary actually won the election. Merry CHristmas!...saved
11/27/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/26/2018Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :) =^..^= Girl Genius
11/26/2018BBQ Boy was here
11/23/2018Yo Adrian
11/21/2018Hump day green Patriot! - pepperroni
11/21/20181000 stars on the Acosta thread~kpm~
11/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
11/21/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/19/2018Green. love Miss Cleo
11/18/2018Cheers from Avenger1
11/18/2018For insulting NDFarm :)
11/18/2018For “ADAM SCHITT! Damn we have a badass president!â€~Bad Pattern
11/15/2018Seems like you had some one stars. They really do have a death wish; the anti-gun trolls.
11/15/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/15/2018Major Green for your "Reminder" thread. Wedge5th
11/15/2018Cause you're sexy :P Love Goddess
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