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Midwest Skeptic's Karma

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5/22/2019Great posting on O Dam thread!
5/17/2019Green for you. Nonentity
5/16/2019For understanding how government works -BrightSide
4/27/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
4/22/2019This poster is one of satan's israel hating pieces of crap.
4/22/2019Green from this Littlepixie for you great post on the Oroville thread pg 1016.
4/11/2019Spot on. Cost of maintance is huge
3/23/2019Coolone... HRC
3/19/2019Green for the border jerks ~mypillow
3/18/2019Yet no pics
3/13/2019From reepster
3/13/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
2/18/2019Idiot you are-Yoda
2/5/2019"She's not your's, it's just your turn."
2/3/2019Wasn't BLOW up? Hello N1gg3r!
2/3/2019Preach it Pastor Skeptic
1/23/2019Tell him to Practice What He Preaches....so true....grumpier
1/22/2019Good point - Northwind36
1/18/2019Feelings are not facts. turd breath.
1/6/2019Jew hater
1/2/2019For your comments about ELF — Light Bulb
12/29/2018Spot on
12/28/2018Roosevelt, correct! from Bremertonhardcorepunk​
12/28/2018Reported Copyright Violation
12/23/2018RBG is like 3000 years old. She has cancer AGAIN. youre not a rocket scientist thats for sure.
12/20/2018Re: "Public university removes white instructor / Well Said!...IRQ_1
12/13/2018Great thread on Prion -Ursabruin
12/13/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/10/2018A little green karma your way (from garden)
12/3/2018Projection on france TRUTH - ALREADY >50% IN PARIS
11/26/2018Good point. Let thr market decide.
11/25/2018I am european and you are right fcuk europe if we dont help ourselves why should you guys?
11/21/2018Some green for turkey day - mypillow
11/19/2018Love your posts! ~thinking...
11/18/2018Soulless, trite, and just plain selfish. So you don't have to wonder, Wizard.
11/15/2018Ask and you shall receive. Oh I wish I were in the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten....
11/15/2018Asked for red karma, he got it
11/11/2018Great account of your wildfire experience ~thinking...
10/31/2018Totally agree
10/29/2018Thx for weighing in on school dist. thread....God Bless, ChivalryKnight
10/29/2018Good post
10/22/2018Wawaaabulance will pick up up shortly. Wear your helmet, demonrat.
9/23/2018Interesting comments! ....nutmeg...
9/16/2018Thanks Diabolical
9/13/2018Nuclear Power companies arent taking care much ..

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