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Cognitive_Dissident's Karma

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2/14/2019Meddie Frercury Meddie Frercury Meddie Frercury Meddie Frercury Meddie Frercury Meddie Frercury Meddie Frercury
2/13/2019Tommy robinson would kick your pussy ass in 2 seconds.
2/13/2019Allah akhbar
2/13/2019Talking about Provocateurs, CD is a good example
2/13/2019Dickead. Tommy is awesone. You're a fag.
2/11/2019Digusting avatar
2/8/2019Go troll elsewhere
2/8/2019No human involved
2/4/2019I like yer style.
1/25/2019For the Rabbit Hole Thread. NolaAjngel
1/25/2019Good poster starts interesting threads. :)
1/25/2019Goog stuff green rpock on mate
1/8/20193. 50
1/8/2019Fuck off, faggot.
1/8/2019Acid attacks are Muslim
1/8/2019Q sent you some red
1/7/2019Who is the fag in your avatar? Is that you? Probably smoking to disguise the taste of shit and semen in your mouth.
1/4/2019Supports terrorists
1/4/2019You, fag, have no cognitive function whatsoever. A spineless cosmic mistake for the ages
1/4/2019Wow, there IS at least one other GLP'er who isn't an Israel-Uber-Ales'er..​. i don't feel so alone
1/4/2019Trump bump :)
12/17/2018FN idiot
12/17/2018All good questions on your threads.
12/11/2018Open your eyes, you lost soul.
12/10/20183. 50
12/5/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/28/2018Retarded. ~Ice Cream
11/23/2018Libturd dummy
11/23/2018Stay out of the USA like you are supposed to - Anonymous Coward
11/23/2018Red for Trump. DO NOT DISREPECT HIM.
11/23/2018Truth. -LiteaFart
10/18/2018Defends Muslims and Child Killers ---- I think its clear what you are
10/12/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/12/2018Ohh fuck of thinking someone is spreading hate. hope a muzzie rapes you
10/11/2018Go back to your cult in the desert,your kind will be wiped from the lands,,,,,again
10/11/2018Cock Sucker
10/11/2018Ignorant sheep shagger! Go home! Mr.Fox~
10/10/2018Change your handle to Cognitive Dissonance
10/10/2018What a moran. enjoy your own red wave
10/10/2018Rapist supporter. your type is worse than terrorist. UK trash
10/10/20185% of 70,000,000 : 3xbirthrate 15% : --> 45%
10/10/2018Suck mohammeds cock then swallow.
10/10/2018Sucks Cocks
10/10/2018For blindness
10/10/2018Fuck off english cunt
10/10/2018Total muzzy douche.
10/10/2018Good thread.
10/10/2018Isn't time for your daily goat fucking?
10/10/2018Haha. enjoy islam as you are beheaded you fuck
10/10/2018Geez, youre the reason British women are scared to walk around their city. Thanks, Muzzie lover.
10/10/2018Idiot muslim sympathiser.
10/10/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
10/9/2018Corbyn supporters are dumb as fuck. Maybe dumber. YOU ARE AS THICK AS PIGSHIT!!
9/18/2018Fucking Q tards. Video fail ya limey cunt. -1

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