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5/16/2019That was showing your stupidity. ur ging to get a lot od this with these reponses so let me add to whats comin
5/6/2019Like yer style dude
4/29/2019You're a stain on humanity
4/29/2019Reported Abusive Post
4/28/2019Reported Abusive Post
4/28/2019Fuck you, commie. Shouldn't you be focusing on more pertinent issues like the dildo stuck up your asshole? You know damn well GLP is right leaning. Faggot.
4/20/2019Thanks for the apple butter recipe - BirdMom
4/19/2019Poor Laptop. Crunch62.
4/15/2019Excellent post on whiteness. ~White Gloves
4/14/2019The systemthat women abuses creates fatherless families...THE SYSTEM.. lots off good dads out there labled dead beats from abusive mothers and law
4/13/2019Anonymous JD
4/12/2019Good to have you around. Pooka
4/5/2019Anonymous JD
3/14/2019If you don't like GLP, don't come
3/5/2019Fucking socialist piece of shit commie libtard. You eat shit and like it. I bet your bf saves his turds in the fridge just for you.
3/5/2019You severely lack reading comprehension skills. You must be a liberal.
3/5/2019Filthy degenerate.
3/5/2019Reported Abusive Post
3/3/2019Reported Abusive Post
3/3/2019Id 10 t
3/3/2019For criticizing someone for mispelling a word
2/11/2019Well said, grown-up, common sense that needed stating.
1/21/2019Right on!
1/20/2019Those are pretending to be Christians; pretenders
1/20/2019Re: I FOUND THIS ON A FRIEND'S FB PAGE, you gave a good response to my piece. regards ~ clock ~
1/19/2019Never heard of the breakup of Ma Bell into itty bitty pieces? Who's stupid now?
1/19/2019Woman logic based on emotion completely disgusting. no one deserves death for that .
1/19/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/19/2019Being burned alive is not an acceptable punishment for hitting your wife, idiot
1/18/2019Being burned alive is not an acceptable punishment for hitting your wife, idiot
1/18/2019DoD shill
1/9/2019Good post! White Wolf:)
12/29/2018Liberal women....pau attention before calling people a idiot....idiot.
12/24/2018Nice to see there is at least ONE other person on this site that likes the idea of empowering young girls to refuse physical contact with someone they do not desire physical contact with
12/18/2018Thanks for supporting my writing
12/12/2018Natural sodium in tomatoes
10/20/2018For good post on Mexico caravan thread. From Far Away.
9/28/2018Right on...(nocty)
9/20/2018Welcome to the last "free" generation. Vala :)))
9/20/2018Great comments on Obamacare, Illegals are a curse on America for sure....God bless...ChivalryK
9/19/2018Thank you for the comment on the lady cop thread. Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye
9/18/2018For the Texas cop thread, Lazlo
9/17/201899% will try and rape someone...Your an idiot Liberal Hack
9/17/2018Speaking truth. LiteaFart
9/16/2018Wtf ?? !!
9/16/2018Thinking kavenaugh is a creep
9/16/2018Reported Abusive Post
9/16/2018Reported Abusive Post
9/14/2018Fellow world traveler -- Rosenkrantz
9/14/2018Oh shut up

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