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OceanMan's Karma

Total: 17 (17  User Votes) and 6

3/3/2019Cheerleader for globalists
3/3/2019Paki/LOC comments
3/2/2019Pro-diversity and Anti-white
3/2/2019Thank you so much for speaking against Jew-bashing!! Wonderful! Pooka
2/27/2019From Agent Smith
2/27/2019Thanks from Foxy
1/27/2019Incoherent, strange person. too many drugs that have taken their toll?
1/26/2019From reepster
1/24/2019From my daughter, cuz she likes yer avatar...InYerNeck
1/23/2019Incoherent moral
1/8/2019Especially for using "eventuates" ! (Pacifica)
10/26/2018Indeed I am buddy, just had to shit on those trying to cause drama, Stand_Sure
10/25/2018IT HAS BEGINNED?....mental midget
10/22/2018The Original Mind
10/17/2018METAL \m/
9/23/2018Ringside. love Miss Cleo
9/21/2018X ] Rebel Flag GREEEN from DeploraVision [**]D CHEERS!
9/20/2018Just because you deserve green karmas
9/19/2018Soaking up the thirst of the land.

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