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Clair_Voyant's Karma

Total: 707 (707  User Votes) and 4

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6/3/2020Patriot Green love for you. Des
6/3/2020Jus' sayin' "Hey"! The movie is getting Good!~Pine Marten
6/3/2020God Wins!
6/3/2020This week's green!
6/2/2020Thank you for being solid & not panicing ii - Grudgemonkey
6/2/2020Lobs Green back over virtual fence* ~WGON :-)
6/1/2020Thank you and one back to you, stay safe interesting times! from Mr Tibbs
6/1/2020I must have really ruffled your feathers! haha, thanks for the weekly karma visits. I feel loved!
6/1/2020Green for Thee ~! TNO
5/31/2020Green for my friend CV from ~Fire Watch :)
5/30/2020Green this am for you Claire
5/30/2020Hi CV!! still enjoying your posts ovah here! Pepperroni
5/29/2020I *think* I pinned your thread? Lol. - Paranoid Chick xoxoxo
5/29/2020Be safe with all the crazy going on- Etta
5/27/2020Qtards we ride! Yo Adrian
5/27/2020Hi CV .... hppy green to you ... Miss P
5/27/2020Nicely done, as always!!! ;) -alwaysme
5/26/2020Greenage Incomong! : -) ~WGON
5/26/2020Buddy green, Storm2C
5/25/2020Here is one back for you, thank ou for your green support you are a champion from Mr Tibbs
5/25/2020God of Thunder and rock n roll;)HMM
5/23/2020Green for you CV! ~Fire Watch
5/22/2020Are U feelin it?? my best green to you!! scottfree
5/22/2020DMJ was here :)
5/21/2020Green 4 thee! ~ PiccoloGal
5/21/2020Green sharing w/you
5/21/2020Thanks, Green back at Ya CV! Busy catchin up! Pine Marten
5/21/2020Green from trey
5/21/2020From keybored
5/20/2020Yo Adrian
5/19/2020I see we have had some jerks on here lately! You do good against them! bigD
5/15/2020Weekend green! ~ Aenger1
5/14/2020You 'deserve' some green luv!!! ;) -alwaysme
5/14/2020For keeping the faith! scottfree
5/14/2020Spring Green from Tahoe!
5/14/2020Green for C-V :) ~Fire Watch
5/13/2020Green!! ~shellyjac
5/13/2020Your weekly green
5/13/2020I had to wait to send this back to you, thank you, liking your posts - Mr Tibbs
5/12/2020You are one of the BEST Duckhunter
5/12/2020MEGA Yo Adrian
5/11/2020Q green---sloonie
5/11/2020Hmmm...maybe it's finally time we are viewed as those who could see the future, lol -J.Crow
5/11/2020Corona clean green!!! Lol! bigD
5/10/2020Buddy green, Storm2C
5/10/2020Greenage from WGON :-)
5/9/2020From Etta.
5/8/2020Green Habbenings for THEE~! TNO.
5/8/2020Thanx 4 having good info+ U have a Cool Avitar, Pine Marten
5/8/2020Hi Claire!-widge
5/7/2020Things are greening up!
5/7/2020From keybored
5/6/2020Green backatchya! ~Fire Watch
5/6/2020Mornin' my friend! ;) scottfree
5/6/2020Stay safe CV! BirdShadow
5/5/2020Thanks for all the green! Here's to you!
5/5/2020Green for you...Trey
5/5/2020Giving back Tuesday! Watdhel
5/4/2020Spring Green Sweet Clair Des
5/3/2020Yo Yo Yo adrian
5/3/2020Love your posts! We think alike! Hugs, bigD
5/3/2020Buddy green back at you, Storm2C
5/2/2020Turtle Flower green :)
5/2/2020Because potato! LOL ... and everything else! Pepperroni
5/2/2020Thank you from Mr Tibbs
5/1/2020Hi there- Etta
4/30/2020Green for Thee~! TNO....
4/30/2020Fren green, Darkman
4/30/2020Green for you Clair V from Fred1981
4/28/2020Green for you - zzcat
4/28/2020Green for calling out the sniveling socialists
4/28/2020Green from ~Fire Watch!
4/28/2020Just a lil' green luv for ya! :) -alwaysme
4/28/2020DMJ was here :)
4/28/2020UTownReturns was here
4/27/2020Tahoe Green
4/27/2020Monday green to C_Voyant! ChiaPet
4/26/2020Stopping by, giving green :-) ~shellyjac
4/25/2020Hi CV .... Miss P
4/25/2020Q Green...exciting times...Trey
4/24/2020J. Crow
4/24/2020Rock n roll aint noize pollution;)HMM
4/22/2020Green back atcha! ~WGON
4/22/2020Be safe my friend! BirdShadow
4/22/2020Green my friend, Darkman
4/22/2020No Parties, & no primary(CONvention)go​od call, Pine Marten
4/22/2020Q green, Storm2C
4/21/2020Yo Adrian
4/21/2020Green for Thee ~! TNO...
4/21/2020Q green--sloonie
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