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Prowling Panther's Karma

Total: 34 (34  User Votes) and 21

10/23/2019Thank you. TheTwilightZone
10/20/2019The truth
10/18/2019"Trump doesn't need a socialist demoncrap as VP to win reelection." Agreed.
9/9/2019You're welcome! :) Ferly
8/30/2019You care enough to respond like a little bitch
7/31/2019Bust this
7/27/2019Lib idiot
7/16/2019Still laughing :D /A.S.
6/30/2019Sorry to burst your bubble but you suck
6/30/2019Green from Copperhead
6/12/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/22/2019You really need to get back on the porch...you know not what you are saying. Relax son.
5/22/2019Kramer. -sum ting wong
5/17/2019You RICHER!
5/17/2019Hear that? That's the sound when you burst your own bubble
5/9/2019Locus of control! ~Gemini Rising
4/8/2019From garden
4/3/2019Green from a fellow "looser" with only one masters degree. I enjoyed your shaming of the blowhard. ~ Renaissance Woman
4/2/2019Cuz you are not awake.
3/27/2019I dob't get sarcasm eithe. Torchie
3/16/2019You’re the real racist!
3/11/2019Cleveland sucks ass...full of losers and libtards.
3/2/2019How the hell do you figure the war in Vietnam was on behalf of freedom? Blind patriosm is foolish.
2/17/2019Thank you, and green for you :) - Callin
2/13/2019From reepster
1/27/2019Great Thread !! Love Dogs
1/27/2019Who cares about your stupid mutt
1/27/2019Thanks man!
1/22/2019Too funny. pool
1/21/2019For knowing the truth about the constitution.- sot
1/21/2019Backatcha, from Michibama
1/9/2019Yup from 03
1/7/2019Not a bad idea!
1/7/2019Go Tigers!
12/18/2018Green for faith in the commander in chief!,,,saved
12/4/2018Thanks for your reply on Berkeley thread - BirdMom
11/17/2018Brief :)
11/12/2018Nurse here, we always wear scrubs to work and after. No policy, Thanks!
11/8/2018This kid is as ignorant as a rock
11/6/2018Voting day GREEN! Mr. Fox~
11/5/2018BBQ Boy ~ Thanks for the Vote
10/26/2018Thank u! -SteveWutabi
10/19/2018I bet Jesus t bags you while you sleep
10/18/2018Horsepower from BigBlock
10/16/2018What an ironic name for such a ignorant fuck. Please, go fuck your own asshole with neegans bat.
10/14/2018Hated in his name... Welcome green ~hillbilly
10/11/2018Filthy pig boy

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