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Bullshit detector.'s Karma

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12/1/2018You were wrong asshole
12/1/2018Feel better now?
12/1/2018Time to eat shit?
11/29/2018Cross-eyed bucktooth baldy-balled tiny cock small feet fat-headed scraggy hair motherfucker. Gay too. Fag.
11/25/2018I got your Viral Advert
11/23/2018For being a leftist pawn!
11/18/2018A British Nevertrumper. Are you NPC, or prostituting yourself for Soros?
11/13/2018Trump bump :)
11/13/2018Oh, look. It's this idiot with his stupid meme again.
11/12/2018You're a faggot, this isn't TMZ or CNN get your disease riddled ass out of here
11/12/2018For detecting bullshit ~ Movalong
11/10/2018Just a totally negative influence
11/9/2018You should be banned
11/5/2018We need more bullshit detectors 0000002
11/4/2018Nazi pig
10/26/2018You wanna suck Donnys mushroom cock, don't ya.
10/26/2018Please go away - you are no fun - a kill joy - a negative tard
10/26/2018I once had a shit that had a higher IQ than you. Way to go, fuckwitt. MAGA MAGA MAGA MAGA BITCH-ASS TRICK!!!!
10/25/2018Trump Derangement Syndrome. You got better things to worry about in your own nation.
10/23/2018Nope, beside your hero hildabitch said ( fema) camps are fun. You should get packed to go.
10/20/2018Snoopy eyes
10/19/2018You're the fucking retard that doesn't see sarcasm you dumb muther fucker LOVE Cheops
10/18/2018Q's gonna bitch slap that filthy mouth of yours.
10/18/2018I c u need this & i have plenty to give ya enjoy it
10/18/2018Bullshit spreader
10/18/2018Q sent me
10/18/2018Shilling for Shillings
10/18/2018Back at ya
10/16/2018Eat a bag
10/16/2018Detect youself
10/16/2018Three week old account garnering all the red it can. Take your sock(s) somewhere else.
10/15/2018Look everyone - a fucking retard.
10/15/2018Penis breathe
10/15/2018Keep trying, sock puppet. How many accounts have you blown through now?
10/14/2018Oh look it's a shill, enjoy the red
10/14/2018Low IQ
10/14/2018What a twat you are. You should remove yourself from GLP.

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