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Willing, Will, Win.'s Karma

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11/17/2018Banning people now?? Coward!!~andytaylor
11/17/2018No two paths are the same. guard only your own and let others follow theirs.
11/17/2018Who the fuck do you think you are coming here and attacking members? FUCK YOU!
11/17/2018Butt fucks animals
11/15/2018BOW before your superior`blackvampire​
11/15/2018When all else fails, fall back on a bit of consensus, a bit of culture, a bit of tupac. what would you know about greatness grey girl-sonicknight
11/15/20181 very beautiful sound
11/14/2018Equaliser for the red I gave you last time
11/13/2018Because i love you and you love me
11/12/2018Just cause-Arabella
11/12/2018I rarely give karma but you seem to have a level head around this circus. Stay strong. :) ~BluAvatar
11/12/2018There ya go, now you're back to even :D -cent.
11/11/2018Hey go eat a turd
11/9/2018AnomalGreen for you, sir, because, why not?
11/8/2018Offset +1
11/4/2018God is not a dark, emo video fantasy.
11/4/2018Green rock on lol
11/4/2018God thinks it's funny watching you get pissed at some random nobody on a conspiracy forum.
10/31/2018Hey back at ya and Karma hugs for ya. NolaAngel
10/28/2018This isn't days of our lives. lame
10/28/2018"Do what you gotta do, cause that's what I'm gonna do." Good call. LTHN.
10/28/2018Reported Abusive Post
10/28/2018Popcorn: not likely that you get what you think, though
10/25/2018Your mother never told you that you weren't born vaginally. You were shit out of her swollen asshole.
10/25/2018The poison might be just within you...
10/24/2018Not judging you and do understand you...
10/24/2018Stfu clown
10/23/2018Ashamed red for you dont post on my thread.
10/8/2018Troubled soul
10/7/2018Thoughts are strange...
10/6/2018Thank you ~ Index Finger Warrior
10/6/2018Fuck off, moocher.
10/6/2018To stupid for glp

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