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4/15/2021This account was created with the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts.
4/8/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/8/2021Why dont you move to Cuba or China you dont belong here
4/8/2021I would love to meet you with a ballpeen hammer!
4/8/2021Ducking idiot. So is every car owner, knife owner, pit bull owner, etc.
4/8/2021Scum bag
4/8/2021Insane and illogical moron.
4/8/2021You're a fucking retard
4/8/2021A BLM Tard not smart enough to know GF died from an OD
4/8/2021A true racist
4/8/2021I would hate to be a soft and fragile as you are.
4/8/2021Can you die please, sir?
4/8/2021You're an absolute piece of shit. Congrats
4/8/2021Go drown yourself in piss shill
4/8/2021Racist Idiot. Treating someone different because of skin color is RACIST. Dimwit.
4/8/2021P.o.s shill! go away!
4/8/2021Just because youre a dumbass
4/8/2021Asswipe - The Last Centurion
4/8/2021Your biggest sin isn't being a troll. It's being a troll that isn't funny. You just come off as retarded. If that's what you're going for....NAILED IT!
4/8/2021You've got some really lame trolling going on. It's too obvious, stop embarassing yourself.
4/8/2021Minorities get all kinds of free healthcare you rube ass dolt
4/8/2021You're not too bright, are you?
4/8/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/7/2021Loosh truth!
4/7/2021Go away moron
4/7/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/7/2021Stop pushing death. Words have consequences.
4/7/2021Promoting vaccines on a conspiracy site
4/7/2021Just because
4/7/2021Dont believe a word on a website that you yourself joined and contribute on?
4/7/2021Russia will kick your ass
4/6/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/6/2021This account was created with the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts.
4/6/2021Just when you think people can't get any more stupid, an asswipe such as yourself opens its suckhole.
4/6/2021Youe kind will be destroyed
4/4/2021You are not welcome here, commie.
4/4/2021Retarded response
4/4/2021A grifter's gonna grift Icey/SNOWIE
4/4/2021Little fucking communist
4/4/2021People like you are the reason society sucks ass
4/4/2021You suck, leave
4/4/2021One up
4/4/2021Gobbling poop down as usual
4/4/2021Phaggggzzzzzzz r gunna phaggggggggg
4/1/2021Douche bag
4/1/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/1/2021Trash human
4/1/2021Autistic Theorist
4/1/2021Hahaha savage kitty comment
4/1/2021Weak demon that wants to get knocked out in real life
4/1/2021Everytime I see you, you got something silly to say -1
3/31/2021Fucking clown. Only a stool pusher would see Trump as an embarrassment
3/31/2021Stop embarrassing yourself. Pitiful.
3/31/2021Fucking asshat!!!!
3/31/2021Worst GLPer ever
3/31/2021The rest of the Globalist, the whole world of commoners is depending on TRUMP
3/31/20213. 50
3/31/2021Earth is flat
3/31/2021Asshole propagandist
3/31/2021Anchor babes - it is a game -jad
3/31/2021Commie, commie, down dooby doo down down
3/31/2021Only a select few I save my red for. Congratulations youve been added to list.
3/31/2021Stop posting stupid shit
3/31/2021Vaccines are bad dude
3/31/2021Retard alert
3/31/2021Dumb fuck
3/31/2021Absolutely moronic post response
3/31/2021Idiot posting in support of the vaccine.
3/31/2021Stupid analogy
3/31/2021Congrats, you may very well be the dumbest SOB here. Vax tard
3/30/2021Libtard, vacctard, sheep. get your shot and shut up you are stupid
3/30/2021Your LARP as a mentally retarded liberal is spot on. Bravo!
3/30/2021For being a vactard
3/30/2021Fuck this guy lol
3/30/2021For being a big pharma toady
3/30/2021You haz the dumbz
3/30/2021Communist sodomite
3/30/2021Cocksucker extraordinaire
3/30/2021Depop victim.
3/30/2021Just because you sound like an ass
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