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Cannabis Kills People's Karma

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8/25/2019Don't worry, some day you'll catch and pass NJR's record.
8/5/2019Terrible misinformation
4/15/2019You need to overdose. Everybody is sick of your shit. Fucking junkie!
2/10/2019You are an opiate junkie. Get help. For your serious addiction, and mental help for your retardation.
2/8/2019Addicted to telling lies
2/8/2019U blow
2/8/2019Fucking tool
2/8/2019Never challenge the staff. You'll lose...especially when you start the fight with lies.
2/8/2019Weekly Red for your broken head, cunt.
2/7/2019Eat it
2/7/2019Your weekly downvote!
2/7/2019Hi cunt. buy cunt. RKon.
2/6/2019You're so full of shit that your Mama stinks
2/6/2019My uncle had a steady job at the bank, then tried his first marihuana cigarette. He started injecting 4 to 5 marihuanas a day, gave up his job - started glass blowing for a living and grew a scruffy b
2/5/20198 cups of coffee per day?!?!?! really!?!?
2/5/2019You deserve all the red
2/5/2019Weed is a problem, i know from 10+ years exp
2/4/2019OCD and fixated. You are obviously very ill.
2/4/2019Logged in just to say fuck you, shill. Go eat more of your pharma shit.
2/4/2019All lies
2/4/2019Medical Cannabis “the most dangerous drug in the world†- South Carolina Attorney General
2/3/2019Super douchebag
2/3/2019Always a shit stain
2/3/2019Hope your doc stops your narcotics
2/2/2019Troll, lame, lame troll
2/2/2019Blow me while I take a huge hit of this wicked green!
2/2/2019Because you are a cunt
2/2/2019Dude, weed
2/2/2019To counter
2/2/2019He is a smuck
2/2/2019Green for ya! ....nutmeg...
2/2/2019Reported Abusive Post
2/2/2019Sub 100 brainwashed parroting pharma propagandaist
2/2/2019Goat blowing pill popper who actually gets green from, most likely, other goat blowing pill poppers. Anyone giving green to this guy, congrats you are fucking just as stupid
2/2/2019Goat blowing pill popper who actually gets green from, most likely, other goat blowing pill poppers. Anyone giving green to this guy, congrats you are fucking just as stupid
2/2/2019Pipe it
2/1/2019Waiting to see that red bar fill up
2/1/2019Nazi moran
1/31/2019You need to know your place.
1/30/2019Please stop your insane prattle
1/30/2019Cunting shouldn’t be a hobby. Especially yours.
1/30/2019"This Yarpie has lost his marbles" green timur
1/30/2019Calling people "Idiot" when the poster is the Idiot. You will be gone soon with all the red, can't wait.
1/30/2019You try too hard from 03
1/30/2019SEXIST FREAK - there now i got you back for saying the same to me, idiot. quit wasting peoples time, go wackoff or something
1/29/2019Potheads hate you therefore I don’t
1/29/2019More red for you big pharma junkie and a drain on the british tax payer
1/29/2019Here's your weekly red, you ignorant troll douche.
1/29/2019PRO Cannabis sucks crowd!
1/29/2019Lla pill popper telling us marijuana is bad. idiot.
1/29/2019Just a troll nothing but a stupid cannabis thread everyday and nothing else
1/28/2019You are RETARD
1/28/2019Do not want to lose the profits of drug trafficker
1/28/2019Pro weed shill, disguised as an opium addict
1/28/2019Dailymail shill
1/28/2019Small penis
1/28/2019Doo-tard, weed bad
1/28/2019Asshat and a half
1/28/2019Crap Post.... Dudes can't get the interpretation right!
1/28/2019Fuck you
1/27/2019Hehe! - Chaos Replicator
1/27/2019Worthless fat fuck shill needs to ks
1/27/2019The green aint mean like you!!!!
1/27/2019Your GLP handle is a bold-faced lie stop gaslighting GLP
1/26/2019Stay on 'em. EBG
1/26/2019Give it up already
1/26/2019Spamming troll
1/26/2019Worthless, lazy sack of shit. Shows tendency towards extreme gayness, and mental retardation due to years of excessive opiate abuse
1/26/2019Opiods fucked you up and then down and all the way around so terribly !
1/25/2019Must cancel out all the reds.'....weed smells like cats piss
1/25/2019Biggest a hole on GLP award goes to you
1/25/2019Daft cunt
1/24/2019Keep up the fine fight.
1/24/2019Get over it, weed never killed anyone
1/24/2019More red for you
1/24/2019An opioid addict
1/24/2019For spreading ancient misinformation
1/23/2019You're a fucking retard. just be all those pills you pop, cuz it sure as hell ain't weed.
1/23/2019Retrarded cuck
1/23/2019We see how you try to hide your prescription drug abuse by posting stuff on cannabis
1/23/2019Post more bullshit you lowlife cock sweat
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