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Cannabis Kills People's Karma

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1/23/2019You're a fucking retard. just be all those pills you pop, cuz it sure as hell ain't weed.
1/23/2019Dude what
1/23/2019Retrarded cuck
1/23/2019We see how you try to hide your prescription drug abuse by posting stuff on cannabis
1/23/2019Doctors told me Marijuana saved my life.
1/23/2019Post more bullshit you lowlife cock sweat
1/22/2019Thanks for posting
1/22/2019Not true
1/22/2019Lying Shill!
1/22/2019Great threads and comments!
1/22/2019Pot shaved me shill
1/22/2019You want to help? Research 5G!
1/22/2019Dude, What?
1/21/2019The DEA just announced that NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM MJ??!!
1/21/2019Christian Identity - THe bible is all about race. The white race.
1/21/2019Shit tier human here. kys
1/21/2019Go smoke a doobie ya tight ass
1/21/2019Weekly fuck you red.
1/21/2019Hurry up and get banned
1/21/2019Lick my CanANUS
1/20/2019Obvious agenda full of shit
1/20/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/20/2019Red pill
1/20/2019As an American whose mum came from Scotland, I care about GB. I like your anti-marijuana stance. ~White Gloves
1/20/2019Your face kills ppl
1/20/2019Fake news
1/20/2019Cannabis makes anti-cannabis idiots furious
1/20/2019Being a stupid ass
1/20/2019Very rude for people who are quite reasonable towards him
1/20/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/19/2019Give it a rest
1/19/2019Impotent because of opiate abuse, gets off on targeting cannabis.
1/19/2019Dude Should Be BANNED!!!! Enough of this anti-Cannabis crap!!!
1/19/2019Please die
1/18/2019Stop Taking Opiods!
1/18/2019Colorado Native
1/18/2019Id 10 t
1/18/2019Thanks for hooking me up with that weed, that shit was gooood!!
1/18/2019You have no idea what you're talking about
1/18/2019You're an idiot
1/18/2019Cannabis has never killed anyone, physically impossible to overdose on. lots of harmful substances out there, do some more research
1/18/2019Congratulations! You are # 1 guzzler on GLP!!!
1/17/2019Smokes pole and brags about being breastfed from his mom until age 32. you sir are fucked up!
1/17/2019I take pleasure in the fact, if you are telling the truth, deep down you know what a miserable piece of shit you are.
1/17/2019Green cuz you make me laugh
1/17/2019Bullshit information
1/17/2019You kill people.
1/17/2019Your post is BS and is not backed up by science, testing or even the CDC research
1/17/2019Cannabis helps people
1/17/2019You're ok
1/17/2019Good thread!
1/17/2019Total troll
1/17/2019It's smoke weed everyday not post anti-weed shit everyday. Hapless fool.
1/17/2019Because you are the one person who I enjoy giving red to, and it is well deserved for your bulshit half truths you are spreading on this site!
1/16/2019Fuck your mother right in the pussy
1/16/2019What a moron u r
1/15/2019For the reefer addicts
1/15/2019Canna hata b gone
1/15/2019Just not enough red possible for drugged out pedos like you.
1/15/2019And here we go again!
1/15/2019Do u Have a Brain Retard Idiot Dumbfukkk ???
1/15/2019Cannabis can make you barf uncontrollably -- Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome
1/15/2019Why are you still on GLP? Not wanted.
1/15/2019This time you deserve a red. The green help but not you. // Moulin
1/15/2019Cannatards gonna cannatard.
1/14/2019More green always green keep fighting
1/14/2019Fuck head tard
1/14/2019Dope smokers are so full of shit. but.... should still be legal to be a dope. better than an alcoholic.
1/14/2019You worthless loser
1/14/2019Dude, seriously, die.
1/14/2019Had to come into the thread to give you red for being a filthy liar.
1/14/2019The site idiot.
1/14/2019Disgusting Trump hating pedophile
1/13/2019Tree fiddy
1/13/2019Going for the record, I see. Here's one more.
1/13/2019What a one-trick pony you are. Fixated much?
1/13/2019For being a judgemental cunt. Fuck you with a fist full of rusty corn cob holders.
1/13/2019Hypocritcal pill head. YOU ARE AN ADDICT. MAN UP AND ADMIT IT
1/13/2019Here's some more red to help make you go away
1/13/2019No it don't-natural medicines are God's gift to humankind
1/13/2019Just moving the bar another notch
1/12/2019You know once the bar goes all the way red you get banned
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