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5/3/2020I’ll share my recipes soon! - Crash
5/3/2020U r the best part of the penquin, poop, runny poop
5/1/2020Hi from Willo!
5/1/2020Friday green - enemabandit
4/28/2020Green and warm wishes for a great day. ~Snuffie
4/28/2020Hope you are okay! Stay safe up there! --SerenityNow
4/24/2020Agree with it
4/23/2020Thursday green - enemabandit
4/21/2020Some Green for you! (M R E)
4/15/2020Rant Green - larphillips
4/15/2020Wednesdy green - enemabandit
4/14/2020Yep a lot of us want to be in front of that guys line... Nefarious Libertine
4/14/2020Green gravy from Chasity!
4/14/2020Short and ugly GREEN my friend! - Louis in Richmond
4/8/2020Wednesday green - enemabandit
4/6/2020From fellow Canuck, garden
4/6/2020For the laughs - that guy John
4/4/2020Foodie grenn Lance from BC
4/2/2020Love from Angryredhead
4/2/2020Greeen for you, fractal
4/2/2020Green from Steady :)
4/1/2020Thanks! ~Willo
3/31/2020Tuesday green - enemabandit
3/28/2020Good stuff and well presented...
3/28/2020Useful information
3/27/2020Green for your warm words. Please stay safe and healthy out there. ~Snuffie
3/23/2020Steady :)
3/21/2020Green for being awesome! --sadman
3/21/2020Green! - larphillips
3/19/2020Thursday green - enemabandit
3/18/2020For handling Uncle Doom and well, for things in general. Larry D. Croc
3/15/2020Fractal greeen! hope you have been well
3/14/2020For TRUTH!!
3/14/2020Succinctly put, to the AC. Bravo, on a beautiful rebuttal. Perfect! ~<3 5moreminutesmom
3/14/2020Lol for the greatly insightful and funny posts -FuelMyFire
3/14/2020Point made!
3/14/2020From Tess. (Jesus Wept)
3/14/2020Love from Angryredhead
3/14/2020LOL... - larphillips
3/11/2020Well said
2/29/2020Green for your post on cosmicgypsy's thread. {{hugs}} NOLAangel
2/29/2020Smart Smart Smart!!
2/29/2020Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Larry D. Croc
2/29/2020Damn fine smack down, Sir! ~CosmicFire
2/29/2020Much hugs! - clevercreator
2/29/2020Secondlingus! you are awesome --sadman
2/29/2020Green for a fellow voice of reason and logic - larphillips
2/29/2020Trump shill
2/29/2020Dummylingus indeed
2/27/2020Cheers Klown
2/26/2020Telling the truth!
2/4/2020Smart man you get it -jackal
2/2/2020Thanks for telling off that rude and hateful Punnilingus! From TwoStep :)
2/2/2020Giving you the only negative I've ever given anyone on this site because you deserve it. Oh, and btw, this is just an observation and requires no further input on your part. Have a great day!
2/2/2020Thank you for giving punnilingus the truth. You rock! ~ Jefiner
1/31/2020Green for making sense with the HIV portion of the virus. ~Snuffie
1/30/2020Cheers Klown
1/22/2020Havnt seen you in a while, Hope you are well!! fractals
1/13/2020Cool chef contributions. pool
1/12/2020Foodi green! chasity
1/11/2020Have a good weekend. Larry D. Croc
1/11/2020Props for questioning the Iranian---Billy Ringo
1/11/2020With education standards slipping everywhere in this dumbed down word you should never apologise for being ‘that guy’! GilmourBlues
1/4/2020Thank You!!
12/26/2019Q33 Happy Birthday Brother!
12/19/2019Lumbeghini was here
12/16/2019Musical green for you. LTHN.
12/15/2019Foodie green! chasity
12/15/2019Love GFG
12/15/2019Foodie green! Paranoiaaaaa
12/14/2019Fooody greeen .. rewind <3
12/14/2019Trimming the buds Green - Louis in Richmond
12/14/2019Comin for that xmas dinner lol JK Klown
12/6/2019All the best, my friend, hope all is well. Larry D. Croc
12/5/2019Men who fear porn have small dicks.
12/4/2019Porn is WRONG. Sick of the BS justifying it. Rot your Soul. if u have one. FUCK!
11/30/2019Greeeen attack
11/30/2019Reading Is Fundamental ~ Where Eagles Dare
11/23/2019Fractal greeeen! Hope you are well!!
11/23/2019And a pleasant weekend to you, sir. Larry D. Croc
11/13/2019Hope you're having a great week. Larry D. Croc
11/9/2019Fapping daffy, jt210
11/9/2019Hugs and love from nutmeg! xoxo
11/7/2019Participation award! chasity
11/2/2019Hope you're having an enjoyable weekend. I'm waiting for seven inches of early fucking snow to melt... Larry D. Croc
11/2/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/1/2019Green to offset the red tards.... scottfree
11/1/2019Don’t post propaganda. Read an article before you post it
10/29/2019Member of the 'Fans of Francis Society' - Louis in Richmond [ROFL]
10/27/2019Thanks for the deer bump
10/26/2019Fractal greeeeeeeen
10/24/2019Hidden away
10/23/2019Furrry pete
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