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1/29/2019Fuck off you commie asshole.
1/16/2019Thought I'd do something 4 u retard
1/16/2019Probably uses android. this response is blatantly idiotic.
1/16/2019Faggot much?
1/15/2019This isn't because you're a liberal p.o.s., this is because of your selfish incoherent rambling about shit that has nothing to do with a thread, ass.
1/11/2019Lives in fear, pro censorship
1/11/2019Common sense goes a long way - Hawkeye
1/3/2019Whose The Moron Now,,,,,....
1/3/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/21/2018Reeks of desperate newbie
12/16/2018Mush for brians--get more brians moran.
12/15/2018Compare the facts almost always provided in the pages here and,compare them to the LIES spewed out on your cnn,cspan fake news who NEVER gives facts just hate n lies.
12/14/2018Quit tounge punching Pocahontas's fart box. Trump 2 terms. Shill on.
12/14/2018Debbie downer
12/14/2018IQ of wormy dog turds
12/14/2018Less shilling from U
12/14/2018So true
12/14/2018Good post-JIK
12/14/2018Trump bump :)
12/14/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/14/2018Dumbass flattard
12/10/20183.50, but your opinion is not even worth that, lol.
12/10/2018I love when deep state shills out themselves in a rage filled response triggered by their takedown happening soon.
12/9/2018Just plain mean
12/9/2018Fuckoff Commie Cunt!
11/30/2018Great info on the fleet enema! - medx

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