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End Times Observer's Karma

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1/15/2023Mark of the beast thread
3/8/2019Green for truth about marriage;sad but true
3/7/2019So you're a woman hater, and you want others to be like you. It says a lot about you, not "women".
2/15/2019Idiot elected by idiots....Lance from BC...lol...
2/14/2019You always have went your own way and women will no loger live a lie.
1/5/2019Right ON!
1/5/2019Thanks for posting truth! zeke38
1/3/2019USA is not Babylon
1/3/2019Thank you for speaking out and trying to save souls. So many here unsaved and ugly about it . Pooka
1/1/2019100% agree. pope = anti-christ.

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