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JuliusPerving's Karma

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5/18/2019Very dumb reincarnation theory
1/30/2019Aliens needing U.S. money, that's funny & stupid
1/30/2019Lying is only a crime if conservative today
1/30/2019My thoughts exactly
1/29/2019Fcuk off
1/26/2019I hope your boss finds out how bad you suck at shilling. Hey boss man reading this douchebag's ATTEMPTS at shilling are WEAK. He's just been exposed on GLP!
1/26/2019He he
1/25/2019You are reaching.
1/25/2019Upgrade for your common sense. D. Head. cheers !!
1/25/2019Eat dicks fag
1/25/2019Cheers- SyncAsFunk
1/19/2019LOL Great handle
1/19/2019Good post - Northwind36
1/14/2019Nice thinking angle! ~ Bad Pattern
1/13/2019You wish you help lazy fat federals who hit the sleep button on their keyboard for 45k a year
1/7/2019"Pull it" Capitol idea right there. ~sikhed.
1/6/2019Ocasio-Cortez comment! - NXavier
12/31/2018Comedy defense, support your passion
12/31/2018Red for you. WOnderful
12/29/2018I notice that you noticed that nobody would notice.
12/26/2018Thanks for posting in my Something big thread. Have a great week, and a Happy New year! savcash
12/25/2018Programming point. *%
12/24/2018From Michibama
12/24/2018Boat Red.
12/24/2018Good nick, and I remember Dr. J -- oniongrass

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