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2/4/2019The demiurge doesnt like you. Well that's exactly right! We don't like IT back.
1/23/2019God complex tard.
1/22/2019Demiurge doesn't like you
1/19/2019Thnks for hijacking that idiots anti-cannabis thread with cannabis cure videos
1/14/2019Not again
1/13/2019Demiurge says no, just no. - clevercreator
1/13/20191 for calling out fake cop video
1/13/2019You are definitely a zero. Your handle doesn't lie.
1/13/2019Where did your daddy touch you?
1/12/2019For standing against the deep state
1/12/2019Ron Paul is Gold!.. The Ring
1/11/2019For spewing occult bullshit
1/11/2019If you're the same "0" as several years ago, I always liked your threads.
1/11/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/11/2019Posting a video with a robot voice
1/10/2019I feel bad for you for all the reds you got today. :(
1/10/2019Point a finger, get 3 pointed back at you.
1/10/2019Swallows Roman hogwash, twice by reflux.
1/10/2019The pleroma sounds pretty gay, dude.
1/10/2019If you were anything like God, you would know those who are.
1/10/2019You're a libtard goat humper. FaggoT
1/10/2019You made my morning with the Gnostic post. Right up my alley, exactly what i was thirsting for. Thank you
1/10/2019Thanx for the unbiblical quotes passed off as biblical. Your dishonesty has convinced me once and for all Gnosticism is not the religion of Jesus. I'm going to go enjoy a ham sammich.
1/10/2019Jesus loves you - And he ate meat. Meat is yummy, you should eat it too.
1/10/2019That's a pretty bold statement, and real PROOF if needed to make it stick.
1/7/2019Green for your comment re: TSA and open borders - BirdMom
1/7/2019For the misogyny. I dig it.
1/5/2019Haven't you learned anything new? A broken record you are.
1/4/2019For bravely sticking to your guns on a topic that is divisive.
1/4/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/4/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/4/2019Good thread for thruth----Terrebonne
1/4/2019Stfu w/you heathen talk
1/4/2019Oh look the nazi bois like you, tells me all i need to know about gnosticisim
1/4/2019Someone who knows! how refreshing on this zionist website
1/4/2019Gnostic Is Knowing.
1/4/2019Gnostic Nonsense!
1/3/2019For interesting thread - Gnosticism
1/3/2019Gnosticism is the favorite religion of homosexuals.
1/3/2019At least someone gets it.
1/3/2019You have any idea how stupid you sound?
1/3/2019Buddhism is the real religion of Christ, set in the cultural language of the people Jesus preached to.
1/3/2019Indeed. Yo Adrian
1/3/2019Mystery Karma

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