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1/26/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/25/2019Piece of shit faggot shitskin
1/24/2019Free Market
1/24/2019You have very clear that poor is not who has not much, but who wants ever more. RHCP.
1/24/2019Fuck off, asswipe
1/24/2019Very good question!
1/24/2019Baby-murdering commie troll
1/23/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/22/2019"that's why they are bouncing off walls to get your guns, they want to murder you so bad." thanks for describing the reality for white americans
1/22/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/22/2019Allah akbar
1/21/2019Good info about wildlife killed on roads, it's a nonpartisan thing oniongrass
1/21/2019Ignorant socialist
1/20/2019Your mother never told you that you were NOT born vaginally like normal babies. Instead, Goat Lovert you out of her swollen asshole into the toilet.
1/20/2019Post here if you're gay
1/20/2019I'm sick of your faggotry on this website....how about sucking your own greasy cock a lil bit first then you won't be so gay on the internets
1/20/2019Lol Why you always so salty? hahaha
1/20/2019Hot shit? You're not even cold diarhea.
1/19/2019STFU CuckStar
1/19/2019So true on Trump. The USA will end up being a third rate shithole
1/19/2019Dont breed, idiot.
1/19/2019Thank you for pointing that out. I try to lead on info here by breaking things lightly, it helps when people chime in with understanding!...save​d
1/16/2019I cannot believe the stupidlity and lack of common sense in people like you.
1/15/2019Your trolling absolutely sucks.
1/13/2019Yrugae? -fs
1/12/2019Mormon women are on anti-depressants and are NOT happy. They're brain washed & dumb too.
1/11/2019Foolish pedophile...
1/11/2019I took down the Brain, that is why they are all watching.
1/10/2019Giving birth to children when you are poor is continuing the cycle of poverty
1/10/2019Violated Posting Rules (posting with less than 2 functioning brain cells)
1/10/2019Insulting language
1/10/2019For defending China
1/10/2019Suck an emotional fetus.

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