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Nice Boots Billy's Karma

Total: 530 (530  User Votes)

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10/28/2020Glp jb Green [**]d Cheers -dv
10/28/2020Jb green billy boots. hope you are well xoxo db
10/28/2020Cheers to the music NBB! It's good to see you! InTune
10/24/2020Good morning :D T-man
10/24/2020And a good weekend to you kind sir..BillL
10/24/2020Jukebox vibes are the key! - Grey Eagle
10/22/2020To Nice Boots Billy <3 Love from your mate in Belfast. Fraust66 xoxo
10/20/2020Greenie for Halloweenie! ~ 5lats
10/20/2020Hope you are having an easy week xoxo db
10/18/2020Green for Boots and the music, deserves gold.... latvia
10/17/2020Salut amigo -way
10/17/2020Reciprocal JB greenage....thanks mate :-) Swearbox
10/16/2020Thats my bro green! Love Ellusion :)
10/15/2020Always a Jukebox pleasure - Grey Eagle
10/14/2020Karma roll. B.Master
10/14/2020To Nice Boots Billy <3 Love from your mate in Belfast. Fraust66 xoxo
10/12/2020A weekly green tribute to you! ~ 5lats
10/10/2020Good to see you on the jb friend xoxo db
10/10/2020Weekend greenage ! Soup
10/9/2020Have a good weekend Sir Billy :) - Sir Tim
10/7/2020To Nice Boots Billy <3 Love from your mate in Belfast. Fraust66 xoxo
10/7/2020Jukebox funz mon ami - Grey Eagle
10/4/2020GLP currency for ya with my blessings - 5lats
10/3/2020Green things.. rewind : )
10/3/2020Long time ~deafcat
10/3/2020Goonshow,tips hat :) BillL
10/2/2020Don't work too hard dear Billy Boots. you are very beloved on the jb xoxo db
10/2/2020Rockin green ! Soup
10/2/2020Let's party! Happy Friday, Sloane
9/30/2020Love you Billy...Toprance
9/30/2020To new Boots Billy <3 Love from your mate in Belfast. Fraust66 xoxo
9/24/2020Keep up them Jukebox tunes and vibes, man! - Grey Eagle
9/24/2020Green for da Boots ! Soup
9/24/2020BOOTS! way too long greeeeenz.. and hugs kisses and such. rewind <3
9/24/2020May the good times never end, green for my virtual friend! ~ 5lats
9/23/2020Hey Billy! Love and rock n roll :) Sloane
9/22/2020To best Boots Billy <3 Love from your mate in Belfast. Fraust66 xoxo
9/18/2020Jukebox love : ) - Sweetroll Bandit
9/18/2020Great to see you in the jb! I have missed you xoxo db
9/16/2020Musical Green for a friend ! Soup
9/15/2020May good fortune smile upon you! Karma Exchange Alliance ~ 5lats
9/14/2020To best Boots Billy <3 Love from Fraust66 xoxo
9/13/2020Sunday green xoxo sseess
9/11/2020You. There’s no one like You : )
9/7/2020To best Boots Billy <3 Love from Fraust66 xoxo
9/7/2020May God bless you and the horse you rode in on! Stay frosty ! ~ 5lats
9/6/2020Best greeeeeetings your way to you and yours <3 .. rewind : )
9/5/2020Green to the shiny boots, latvia
9/5/2020Much love my dearest. xoxoxo, Strangela
9/4/2020Have a good weekend xoxo sseess
9/3/2020Don't work too hard xoxo db
8/31/2020To best Boots Billy <3 Love from Fraust66 xoxo
8/30/2020Ah, my favorite time of the week again! It can never come too soon! Stay healthy, my friend! ~ 5lats
8/30/2020My brother.
8/30/2020Where ya been Boots? [**]D CHEERS -DV
8/29/2020Billy! <3 <3 rewind : )
8/29/2020Green for tunes ! Soup
8/29/2020Happy Weekend brother. It was great celebrating with you the other day. Love ya! Cheers, Mezzo : )
8/28/2020Xoxoxo, Strangela
8/24/2020No one like Billy Boots <3bfree
8/24/2020My brother! Love you! Ellusion :)
8/23/2020To best Boots Billy <3 Love from Fraust66 xoxo
8/22/2020May you find what you seek, here's a green for the week! ~ 5lats
8/21/2020Grand green xoxo db
8/21/2020Cheers ~ Sync
8/21/2020Bagpipes forever! xo Sloane
8/21/2020Always Jb fun, Grandpa Billy! - Grey Eagle
8/16/2020To best Boots Billy <3 Love from Fraust66 xoxo
8/16/2020Fun and Green ! Soup
8/16/2020I hope you are having a good weekend xoxo sseess thanks for the tunes and company
8/15/2020Trippy Boots GLP JukeBox c)=-)--....o...O..0 [**]D CHEERS -DV
8/15/2020Thanx fer the green! Back to ya!
8/14/2020Watermelon is good. not. B.Master
8/14/2020Hi boots..Love Pooch this year
8/12/2020Love and miss you xoxoxo, Strangela
8/11/2020Love my Boots! .. Green going around watchout rewind <3
8/9/2020So glad to see you billy boots xoxo db ps don't work too hard
8/9/2020Fun times! - Grey Eagle
8/8/2020To best Boots Billy <3 Love from Fraust66 xoxo
8/4/2020JukeBox GREEN for my Canadian brother Boots [**]D CHEERS
8/2/2020I am due for some new boots .. rewind : )
8/2/2020<3/Anna (I_am_who_I_am)
8/1/2020Saturday night love music green! Sloane
8/1/2020Weekend greenage! Soup
8/1/2020To best Boots Billy <3 For the Picts. A great bunch of lads. Fraust66 xoxo : )
7/31/2020Karma roll. B.Master
7/31/2020Happy Friday! so glad to see you! xoxo db
7/29/2020I will be back soon. Thanks for missing me...Toprance
7/29/2020Payday: cha-ching :) be well friend -gleich
7/25/2020Missed Boots JB GREEN [**]D CHEERS -DV
7/25/2020Long overdue green to Canada. And belated and advanced birthday wishes. Love ya buddy! Mezzo : )
7/25/2020To best Boots Billy <3 Aye Laddie! Some green haggis for your bong you goon. Fraust66 xoxo : )
7/25/2020Always green for NBB ! Soup
7/24/2020<3 rewind sending sunshine..
7/18/2020Hope you are having a good weekend xoxo sseess
7/18/2020I love ya Billy..Pooched
7/17/2020JB love for you xoxo db
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