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Revolution of Consciousness's Karma

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4/6/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/4/2022Green for YOU! Waking UP sleepyheads! Keep on Keeping ON! Blessed E v
2/9/2022Mandela Effect is absolute garbage. I'm glad you can see it. -P Mashed Potatoes
2/1/2022Green for good information! Keep on keeping on! Blessed Ev
1/24/2022100% glowie
1/22/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/21/2022Green to offset the red retards.... Ben K
1/21/2022You're embarrassing!
1/21/2022Fuck off "honey" douchbag piece of shit. you can agree to disagree...
1/21/2022Thanks for your sweet post! Glad you’re with our family💖 ~ PiccoloGal
1/21/2022Thank you - zzcat
1/21/2022I like your posts, respect your opinion. DnK
1/21/2022We are on the same path of discovery. Truth doesn't care about our feelings. Love and Light - WWG1WGA - OSM
11/20/2021Video compression artifacts.
11/18/2021Congrats on the birth of your child! C-Voyant
11/3/2021Beep book biden, fvf
10/7/2021Huma's Tarp ~Teioh
10/7/2021Lol Green from WGON... :-)
9/15/2021Gen x. love it. water
8/21/2021WHen the going gets wyrd, the wyrd turn pro. wink...William Poole.
6/1/2021Hemp porridge 'please sir, can I have some more'...lol...Lance
5/6/2021Qreenage, Lance from BC
5/6/2021Yo Adrian is a mental midget
3/19/2021Trey was here
3/19/2021You find it
3/14/2021Guess my name
3/12/2021Counter green, Lance from BC
3/12/2021DID Is not real. Never has been. It's called 'seeking attention'. The mind can't manage it.
2/21/2021Wish i could do more
2/20/2021God Damn I swear to God on my soul and strike me dead where I stand, If you aren't a SHILL I will eat my own turd. Yo Adrian
2/19/2021You eat turds like a champ!
2/19/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/19/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/12/2021I see you're still being a childish prick.You really should just fuck right off now kid..Pathetic Being That You Are. wQw
2/11/2021You are the most loathsome shill one GLP. I bet you hate your life. Yo Adrian
2/6/2021Trey was here
1/28/2021Could care less about anything other than your blind idiotic comments. you should relearn what consciousness is
1/28/2021You need a new brian, hankie...spell check much???
1/28/2021Help offset some of your red...not sure why everyone is ganging up on you. Seems anyone who challenges Hankie gets attacked. Hankie said Feinstein was a good person and I was chastised for calling he
1/27/2021Winter Tahoe Green! Question everything. debate leads to thought!
1/27/2021Go away
1/27/2021Fuck off GLOWIE
1/22/2021You get a point for awareness.. some of the chanting IS backwards
12/29/2020December green to you! ChiaPet
12/29/2020Seasonal Qreenage, Lance
12/25/2020Merry Christmas...Trey
12/3/2020"just a puke-inducing vid"
11/23/2020The Metal Thread
11/21/2020Patriot green from C-Voyant!
11/12/2020Patriot Green from C-Voyant
10/21/2020For trying to save me from flames
10/10/2020Thx for your kind comment about my plants!
9/22/2020Mushroom thread comments! -Rorschach
9/18/202017s abound now that we are not supposed to use 'Q'...lol...Lance
9/12/2020I like, nice.
8/23/2020Green for the good link!....Don D.
8/17/2020Just cause .... sinceb4
8/17/2020WGON was here... :-)
7/30/2020Nice Name! Begin Again
4/5/2020This song came to mind last week. Very relevent. -Hooskerdoo
2/12/2020Culty vibrations...Lance from BC
1/12/2020Long time, no green...Happy New year, Lance
1/10/2020Green for you from Happy in Nature
1/9/2020Howdy bobobibi
12/13/2019Yo Adrian
11/20/2019From one MH to another! - TDP2 \m/
11/16/2019Lol at hankie, Darkman
11/15/2019Green for Thee~! TNO.
11/15/2019Thank you! Makes sense! - Hooskerdoo
11/11/2019Breathe Lance from BC
11/9/2019Random fractal greeeen
10/23/2019They never thought she would lose GREEN! C-Voyant
10/20/2019Great advice! ~XeroGravity
10/17/2019Brainwashed clean
10/16/2019Some mid-week Green! C-Voyant
10/15/2019Pretty effin' good music. pool
10/14/2019Green for Thee~! TNO....
10/9/2019Mid-week green! C-Voyant
10/7/2019Lance from BC
10/5/2019October green! aliasx
9/30/2019Green for Thee~! TNO....
9/29/2019Some C-Voyant green coming at ya!
9/25/2019Lance from BC qreenage
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