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RR4lyfe's Karma

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2/2/2024Red for your inbred asshole
9/11/2023More red because you a moran
8/31/2023Ignorant comments
5/25/2023Not even smart enough to realize how stupid they are.
4/10/2023Barking fucking insane and evil, pure democrat
4/10/2023Back at ya, sniveling bitch
4/10/2023The Problem is Mentally Ill Transexuals like you,
3/18/2023Shitbag game player
1/31/2023Obey your officers
12/2/2022Sad little man.
11/16/2022Russophobe shill.
11/15/2022Souless meat bag.
9/28/2022Troll nothing but a STUPID BIDEN SUPPORTING TROLL! No sense of being!
9/27/2022Brain dead biden shill
9/27/2022Dumb post
9/22/2022Zero fucking elections you goddamn traitor
8/8/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/8/2022Commie cunt
8/8/2022Have some red on me-ssssteve
8/7/2022Or we know it’s utter bullshit
8/2/2022Just another lib shill
6/8/2022Looks like you need more red
5/31/2022Anti constitutionalist
5/31/2022Cee You Next Tuesday
5/30/2022Mac computers are superior. Too bad you aren't.
5/24/2022Gullible schmuck
5/4/2022Go back to hell where you came from you brain dead DNC shill.
4/22/2022Takes up for the pedos
4/19/2022Bs full of it
4/17/2022Another NWO dick licker coming out of the woodwork to defend his people.
4/15/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/9/2022Same threats
4/4/2022You are the Klaus Scwab army.
2/25/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/23/2022Your opinion is as relevant as your karma. troll
2/18/2022No one wants to hear your bullshit
1/25/2022And fuck you for being a moran
1/3/2022NWO dick sucking demon
1/2/2022More red for you
1/2/2022Moron. Absolute, tragic stupidity. Did you actually go to school? Quit after the 8th grade?
12/1/2021Abortion is an authoritarian power grab, dumbass
11/30/2021Gobbling the New World Orders Balls One scrotum at a time - that's you
11/29/2021Let's Go Brandon!
10/30/2021Lies are the core value of the democratic party.
10/30/2021You are D.U.M.B. DUMB
10/30/2021No, gutless cowardace is the core value of the current Republican Party
10/28/2021Dead heart
10/28/2021Have some more red, you POS.
10/28/2021For being a Communist Demon
10/28/2021You are an asshole with not enough red. So here have another asshole.
10/20/2021Let's go Brandon!!!!
10/20/2021Let's go Brandon!
9/15/2021Made me laugh
9/14/2021I want a refund. You are a waste of tax dollars. Go back to your class of retards on facebook.
9/8/2021Hateful twit
9/8/2021You have too much red to erase! Lol
9/8/2021Fuck off
9/8/2021Liberal spew
9/8/2021The more red you have, the more sane you are. One up for truth.
9/8/2021Have some more red
9/7/2021Red for your ignorance and disrespect of American soldiers - bootobin
8/27/2021Rump Ranger 4 Lyfe...if the shoe fits, wear it.
8/26/2021It's not about Trump anymore shill
8/26/2021Fuck off
8/26/2021Why are you even here
8/26/2021Dumb liar
8/26/2021Troll or worse
8/24/2021You don't know what you're talking about, but you're a vax shill sheep, so there's thatp
8/24/2021Obvious vaxx shill. Get fucked.
8/24/2021None of you know what you're talking about...Fill us in on YOUR truth...
8/16/2021East German gang stalking pos.
8/16/2021Reddy Freddy DA
8/16/2021Liar supreme. how is china these days?
8/9/2021Eat poop
8/9/2021Desantis rules! Live with it.
7/23/2021Dont play nice with others
7/23/2021Gives idiots a bad name. Shove your communist BS!
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