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Possum70's Karma

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9/18/2022Reported Abusive Post
8/31/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/24/2022Florida post....48Pan
6/19/2022Stop drinking the damn Kool aid Moran
4/18/2022Darn staright. There is NO excuse for the wrong meal items!! - Louis in Richmond
4/4/2022Male whores are as common as dirt.
3/29/2022Liberal spew
3/20/2022For calling out the "chickenshit"! Thanks!
3/9/2022Lol yes perfectly said, what a freak
2/5/2022Very simple. love 99
1/23/2022Reported Abusive Post
1/14/2022Green from marooned
1/5/2022Happy new year! -SomeoneSpecific
1/1/2022Stupid bumper sticker
12/17/2021Is yes
12/12/2021Loves BBC
11/6/2021Green from marooned
10/16/2021Thanks for commenting on my thread xo sseess
10/11/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/1/2021And he lived happily ever after
10/1/2021Send in the nuns
10/1/2021Latka says ibi da
10/1/2021He rode a blazing saddle
10/1/202140 s/w
10/1/2021Oooooooh I need a dirty woman
10/1/20217. 62
10/1/2021I like .44
10/1/202130. 06
9/12/2021Chill tfo bitch. Temper, temper.
9/12/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/12/2021Dick head
8/26/2021Unlimited clotshots for all libshits. Fuck yeah.
8/25/2021From Butch DeFeo - Only you can stop the fake pandemic for yourself, no one will ever tell you the pandemic is over. It's time to WIN
8/9/2021Hell yeah - bootobin
7/21/2021Because your a niger that is all
7/15/2021I have a collect call2 mrs floyd from mr floyd will u accept the charges?es?
7/1/2021Thx for your comment on the Early Spring Gardens thread! -OHM
6/10/2021Love it! -SLC
9/26/2020For Andy Jackson.... Seekinginformation
9/22/2020Your charity is indeed noble. NowIhave
9/16/2020"He shoulda kicked her right in the buttfuck!" Makes no sense. Who says that?
9/15/2020Agree 100%. WWG1WGA!
8/30/2020From Michibama
8/25/2020Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
7/4/2020Green for encouraging the freewayz activismsz!!!!
7/4/2020Low visiblility protestors...lol...La​nce from BC
7/1/2020Agree, this nosence must stop
5/20/2020"burlesque dancer" (lol!) oniongrass
4/22/2020Wells said
3/24/2020Grown children..whew...Lanc​e from BC
3/23/2020Thank you for the best advice. Centurion
3/23/2020Horrible, embarrassing grammar that makes Americans look stupid.
3/2/2020Let's keep it clean, this is a family show.
2/29/2020Them silly meth heads....DonD
2/14/2020Thanks for your frank honesty.
1/1/2020Happy New Years...Yes VA is the test Lance from BC
8/27/2019Eww....gross...lance from BC

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