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BNBG's Karma

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5/24/2020Creative Post
5/13/2020<3 Reanne - Kratom (and Tylenol) advice. Thank you!
5/12/2020Green - grove street
4/25/2020"Then we'll talk." You sir have the right idea! - Louis in Richmond
4/24/2020Green from Avenger1
4/22/2020Grape Kool-Aid
4/13/2020Fucking moran
4/6/2020You're not a comet nutter, I'm on your side, no need to attack me. -Astro
3/31/2020Good comments on the AZ "lockdown" - BlueTriquetra
3/24/2020Greeeeen feom Pepperroni
3/14/2020O'Neill with 2 ls has Cullen Bohanon as an avatar?
2/21/2020Re: Coronavirus fallout. YOU GET IT! ~sikhed
2/7/2020Green for your reply on Trump's Pelosi Video Meme thread - BirdMom
1/23/2020Coronavirus Charges LOL! ~A Oakley
1/11/2020Spot on my friend (if I may call you that)! - 2faced
10/28/2019California Fires and a Popular TV Show ~~sseess
10/6/2019Green. love Miss Cleo
8/21/2019Big pharma- Roostre

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