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Mark In NYC's Karma

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12/10/2018Brainwashed to the point you will fight for your slavery til death yelling equality and entitlements. Hope karma finds you fast
12/10/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/7/2018Another member of the Single Digit IQ Club.
12/6/2018Liberal Shills going to Shill.
11/16/2018Speak the truth! - LiteaFart
11/8/2018Fuck off again
11/7/2018For lusting after the new Attorney General
11/7/2018Red ass red
10/21/2018Saudi. green. love Miss Cleo
10/21/2018Saudi stuff wow
10/20/2018Hello thar demon!
10/16/2018All YOU PEOPLE know how to do is lie.
10/16/2018Libtard trash
10/15/2018Informative. Kitty kat :)
10/15/2018For your absolutely correct Saudi rant.
10/5/2018You mad, bro?
10/5/2018Wow, so much red! How about some more
10/4/2018Spambot and it just malfunctioned majorly in the "Huge Development: Feinstein" thread
10/3/2018Stupid turd
9/30/2018Get out
9/30/2018What an uneducated dweeb
9/30/2018DU called. They want their idiot back.
9/20/2018Merry xmas
9/20/2018No need for men thread- good post, ty ~ godblessya!
9/20/2018Even your sig reveals you as an asshat
9/20/2018NYC ?? GTFO of GLP !! Now go cry to some mods Ha Ha
9/18/2018Shilling for Hillary
9/18/2018Dude you are a Complete Liberal Simpleton !
9/17/2018Your parents failed with you!
9/17/2018Nice attempt with the emotional argument full of lurid details to sway opinion via feelings. Not gonna work. Shill harder! - Paranoid Chick
9/17/2018Your lies are boring
9/17/2018Wrong, wrong wrong
9/17/2018Bye comrade
9/17/2018Mindless libtard
9/7/2018Kananaugh comments>>>MarPep
8/18/2018You aren't worth the 3.50 troll.
8/8/2018Male cheerleaders EPIC
8/7/2018Historical Retard Fucker
8/7/2018Excellent comments about AJ. ~Carnac
8/5/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/5/2018Why resurrect a 5-year old post just to highlight your juvenile attempt at writing porn?
8/5/2018Quit digging up old fag threads.
8/3/2018Need some green!!
7/30/2018Pull the dick out of your ass, it's affecting your brain..
7/28/2018Amsterdam decline
7/28/2018THE Amsterdam post
7/28/2018Holy fuck that's bad
7/27/2018NY faggot libtard
7/27/2018Life really is a banquet - and truly - most poor sucker are starving! Enjoy the ride baby.
7/16/2018Clueless asshole
7/16/2018Anti american fag you lost again - fucking loser
7/16/2018Did your daddy tell you to say that?
2/19/2017Wow, way off base. Poor reasoning skills.
2/17/2017You are a shill
2/17/2017You clearly don't get it...
2/17/2017Delusional. Leave America faggot
2/17/2017Douchebag idiot.
2/17/2017Fuck you, you obama-dick-suckin' little phaggot. bet you you're a drug addict, just rootin' for the guy who you think will keep you high. go die in a grease fire.
2/17/2017Ya ok...
2/17/2017Trump and his Right Wing Nut-job congress...I think you're acting dumb. You aren't really that stupid, but you are a traitor
2/17/2017What a Jerk!
2/17/2017Piss off, liberal shit stain. Trump bump :)
11/7/2012Wait...are you Dan Savage? That was really well written!

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