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4/27/2020Your TDS is showing
4/27/2020Anti-Vaxx Dr thread.
4/27/2020Thank you ~Bad Pattern
4/27/2020Juan star
4/27/2020Cheers, jj johns
4/26/2020Thanks for your input
4/26/2020Been reading your post, spot on.. Interesting, and intelligent.. Leroux
4/26/2020Spring green! Hope you are having a great day. akaSuzanne
4/26/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/26/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/26/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/26/2020ROLCON SHILL with grade 6 TDS
4/26/2020The hospital almost killed my mom, I brought her back to health! White Wolf
4/26/2020Avoid non-american cultured BuzzC
4/26/2020Realest thread of the day
4/26/2020Delusional ruh-tard.
4/25/2020Fuck GMO - 11bpatriot
4/25/2020Thanks for the kind words. Loup
4/25/2020WGON Green for you!
4/24/2020Covid green. - Michibama
4/24/2020Don't drink the COV AID--UseLessRepEATER!​
4/23/2020Hugs back Xero! ~Scorpionica
4/23/2020Thank you! Possum64
4/23/2020Far-left ROLCON player - luv Vic
4/23/2020I hate phoney pseudo-Italian rage-a-holic fools from NYC/Jersey.
4/23/2020Mantras - FivelCubed
4/23/2020Stop being such a fucking snowflake. It really is OKAY to laugh at yourself, asshole.
4/23/2020Hey brother thanks for all you do man...Just Passing Through
4/23/2020Coronahoax Mantras thread rocks- DeniedTruths
4/23/2020The Vic bit -NeD
4/23/2020Soylent Green Stock FTW -Lumberghini
4/23/2020I want off this planet :( Penny Peppers
4/21/2020This millennial enjoys being a carrier killing as many old people as possible. He's pure evil.
4/21/2020Thanks for posting in my "chemtrails" thread, from savcash
4/21/2020Greetings from sseess
4/21/2020Thank you for your good posts on forced vaccine threads! With Love~ Triteia
4/21/2020Cheers from Cape Town, South Africa.
4/19/2020Happy sunday. cheers, jj johns
4/18/2020Racial-Eugenics 101 Lance from BC
4/18/2020SunnO))) Green! ~ Bad Pattern
4/18/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/18/2020Lol mommy mommy who does me embed a youboob video with friends on GLP mommy mommy me stupid
4/18/2020Thank you for your thread on youtube cellphone embedding...Toprance
4/17/2020Thanks always patriot!!! God bless you and all of yours...saved
4/17/2020Damn good points on Alex... Leroux~.. You write well.
4/17/20204 Your Vaccinating Fundamentalists And Using the Corona Virus to Do It!! Post. Yes it is disturbing. Regards The SemiShutIn
4/17/2020Hey buddy. -Rev
4/17/2020Good thread re: anti-vax docs murdered
4/16/2020Never vaxxxxx--UseLessRepEA​TER
4/16/2020Crap thread
4/16/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/16/2020Have a great Friday and weekend! From Far Away.
4/16/2020Okay :)
4/16/2020Defending a God Damned Libturd
4/16/2020Greenz for patiots and free speech thread…CUBz
4/16/2020Idiot lib
4/16/2020From Michibama
4/16/2020Red Karma *is* FREE SPEECH and you earned it.
4/16/2020"of the Right" ?? You mean the LEFT. The LEFT that can't accept election results, and lie ALL THE TIME.
4/16/2020Green fro trying to make a kitty happy! Paranoiaaaaa
4/16/2020Green kek
4/16/2020Don't fight someone elses battles
4/16/2020Green for you and for Trip:) Cowgirl
4/16/2020Comprehension fail. Seriously dude. Oh and stop talking about karma b/c you get red automagically
4/16/2020Fellow Patriot - CrsCrpr
4/16/2020Done and Done on Trips account !! TheParadigmMan
4/16/2020Nacho private army, Bub. The interbuttz ho ain't gonna put out for ya, silly whiteknight.
4/16/2020Thanks for the green!! Love your avatar! akaSuzanne
4/16/2020We were born for this!! - musashi777
4/15/2020Hi Xero! ~Scorpionica
4/15/2020Holistics - ProfWT
4/15/2020Green just for thread title peep.
4/14/2020Man o man, what a clusterfuck this all is. Pepperroni
4/14/2020Truth justice and the america way
4/14/2020This homosexual thinks it's ok to bugger male dogs because "they recieve pleasure". Gross
4/14/2020Thank you for the anti-vaxx thread! Possum64
4/14/2020Awesome thread!
4/14/2020Anti-vax doctors thread. Ferly
4/14/2020Truth telling
4/14/2020Anti vax doctors - Half Past Midnight
4/14/2020Green - grove street
4/14/2020You prefer anarchy and a dick up your ass - fake ass patriot
4/14/2020Cheeto Bandito - that is AWESOME! LMAO Triple_T
4/14/2020We need to be reminded over & over! Thanks Kuvasz
4/14/2020Chasity :)
4/13/2020There's no such thing as gravity. The Earth just sucks.
4/13/2020Hello buddy! Thanks for the green karma! ~ The Wolf Man
4/12/2020Thank you for raining yoru voice to end tyranny. - Happy in Nature
4/12/2020Harsh truths but appreciated.
4/12/2020Some Easter green for you! - Blue State Rebel
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