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2/6/2020Thanks for trying to stop the Corona panic. Idiots everywhere. ODIN
2/6/2020"MAGA" truth - bump stock ban, no border wall
2/6/2020Buddy green! Paranoiaaaaa
2/5/2020Logical -undestroyer
2/4/2020Green Amigo! - musashi777
2/4/2020Back atcha - :) <3 From Far Away.
2/4/2020Green Hugs~kpm~
2/3/2020Xero! ~Scorpionica
2/3/2020Coastie Green
2/3/2020From MB
2/2/2020Sunday green! cheers, jj johns
2/1/2020Cheers bud- Lumberghini
1/30/2020Green your way .. rewind :p
1/30/2020For the PM....ThirstyMarlin!
1/28/2020Cheers ~ Sync
1/28/2020For Wolfie! ~ Flashbuzzkill
1/27/2020Egypt Info - Click Here Again
1/27/2020Many thanks! Pepperroni
1/27/2020Greentard was here ~ WyatteSmith
1/26/2020Always spot on with your comments,Always great to look at a different angle,from the same point..Leroux~
1/25/2020Stay safe -Arkansassy
1/25/2020Happy Saturday! Paranoiaaaaa
1/25/2020Scorpionica strikes back! ;)
1/25/2020TDS ROLCON player
1/25/2020Interesting thread -undestroyer
1/25/2020Weekend Green - ElleMira
1/23/2020Mk greeeen
1/23/2020Michibama was here
1/23/2020Thanks man--UseLessRepEATER!​
1/23/2020Green hugs~kpm~
1/22/2020Green astral cosmic green machine .. rewind : )
1/22/2020Wednesday green. cheers, jj johns
1/22/2020Mid-Week Green - musashi777
1/20/2020How precious are my patriotic friends to me this day 1/20/20 I'm relieved you're staying home my friend! Hugs ~ Evangelina
1/19/2020Howdy :) AnonymousGirl
1/19/2020For getting Real ID!-Fluffy Pancakes
1/18/2020Green back atcha! akaSuzanne
1/18/2020Patriot green for you as well ~WalrusRider
1/18/2020Thanks for posting in my swatt thread, have a great week, savcash
1/16/2020Uh yeah, I'm gonna have to ask you to...sort of...keep making great posts. Yeahh...- Lumberhgini ;)
1/16/2020Great answer about Chinese
1/15/2020Thank you- from Far Away.
1/15/2020Keep posting! ~Scorpionica
1/15/2020Grrreeeen .. rewind 2020
1/15/2020Happy new year! chasity
1/14/2020Nothing Is Done By Chance, And Bloomberg Knows This !!
1/14/2020Cheers, jj johns
1/14/2020Yeah, it doesn't feel like the 'assault is over' at all, does it? -KonspiracyKitty
1/13/2020Great Posts,i pretty much agree with everything you write..Kudos..Leroux~​
1/13/2020You do come off like an underground shill
1/13/2020Trump 2020
1/13/2020Democrat bills do opposite of titles>>>MarPep
1/12/2020Damn straight!! - 1guynAz
1/11/2020Iron Pillar in India story, thanks. billy ringo
1/11/2020Slow motion martial artist lmao - TDP2
1/10/2020Thanks and have a great year----Terrebonne
1/10/2020VA thread. --sadman
1/10/2020From Michibama
1/10/2020Right back at ya!!!! Its Friday!!!...saved
1/9/2020Delicious abduction. pool
1/9/2020Come on down!lol,-mkpitbull
1/9/2020Keeping the right and faith in VA . SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS- coastie
1/8/2020Salute Warrior Scholar - musashi777
1/8/2020And you are my main blood pressure reliever. I have 3 screenshots of your avatar on my phone when I need a chuckle :D -Penny Peppers
1/7/2020Yay 2020 Peace! .. rewind : )
1/7/2020Fellow infowarrior! ~Scorpionica
1/7/2020Well said
1/7/2020It's " turn the other cheek " with brothers/sisters in Christ ONLY.
1/6/2020Positive post
1/6/2020You're a gay ass troll parading around GLP as a 2nd amendment loving patriot. Good job fooling people.
1/6/2020I had to wake up too- From Far Away.
1/6/2020Green buckles for 2020!! Hugs ~ Evangelina
1/6/2020New Year Hugs~kpm~
1/5/2020Vw greeeen
1/5/2020Google tweets/communist murders>>>MarPep
1/5/2020Here's to the endless pursuit of truth--UseLessRepEATE​R!
1/5/2020Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
1/3/2020Happy New year! ~Boaty
1/3/2020Happy New Year :) AnonymousGirl
1/3/2020Happy New Year...ThirstyMarlin!​
1/1/2020New Year green headed yer way! - Lumberghini
1/1/2020Happy New Year to one of my favorite posters ~ Bad Pattern
1/1/2020Happy new year. cheers, jj johns
12/31/2019Happy 2020 and Beyond to you and yours >> rewind
12/30/2019Non grinch green- coastie- being supportive
12/30/2019Back at cha ... We seem to be like minded in Our opinions and interest ...beenthruthat...
12/30/2019Thanks for the Truth....Don D.
12/29/2019Happy 2020! ~Scorpionica
12/29/2019Happy New Year Xero!! - musashi777
12/28/2019Scota Lore input. Thanks serenaseesall
12/27/2019Tell em large Marge sent ya! - TDP2
12/27/2019From Michibama
12/27/2019From oatmeal
12/27/2019I'm fit to be tied today. Seeing you brought my blood pressure down a bit, thanks for the green! -Penny Peppers
12/27/2019Cheers ~ Sync
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