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HERO President-Elect's Karma

Total: 10 (10  User Votes) and 5

2/9/2021100 percent
1/20/2021Nothing is over , China Boy
1/6/2021Yes yes yes
1/1/2021Yup - oiko
12/3/2020Good comment about the Biden confession - bootobin
12/3/2020Yes it's God fight <3 Kate
11/24/2020Lolol, cant understand you with that tRumpy dicksack in ur mouth.
11/22/2020Literal delusion at this point
11/20/2020Awesome post!
11/16/2020Truth !
11/13/2020Ur mom is going to prison
11/12/2020Because he lies. Indiana allowed straight party voting and I'm sure others did
11/6/2020Virgin Green ---- Lupe_Ate_My_Tacos :-)

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